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 Online Tutorials:

In an effort to educate and train all employees and faculty members pertaining to areas with increased legal regulation, Seton Hall University has contracted with New Media Learning to provide online tutorials for employees and faculty members of the university.  The training is required compliance training for all employees.  There are two online tutorials:  Preventing Harassment in the Workplace and on Campus and Preventing Employment Discrimination.  These tutorials provide an overview of the current state of the law in each area and are accompanied by mastery tests which evidence the employee’s participation and completion of the tutorial programs.  The Office of Compliance and Risk Management receives monthly reports from New Media Learning and maintains Certificates of Completion for employees and faculty to document the completion of the training.  The Director of Compliance and Risk Management also provides training to departments, graduate assistants and students upon request in preventing sexual harassment and preventing employment discrimination in the workplace and academic environment.

New employees of the University also receive an introduction to the Office of Compliance and Risk Management and training programs by the Director of Compliance and Risk Management in new employee orientation programs which are conducted every two weeks by the Department of Human Resources.  A similar program is conducted by the Office of the Provost for the orientation of new faculty members to the University.

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