Office of Disability Support Services

Implementing Accommodations

Many students with documented disabilities request academic adjustments to facilitate their classroom learning. Disability Support Services (DSS) prepares accommodation letters for each student to notify his/her faculty members when a course modification is deemed appropriate and reasonable.
For legal reasons, we ask that faculty not provide academic accommodations of any kind to students who have not submitted a formal accommodation letter from DSS. DSS encourages students to share their accommodation letters with  instructors at the beginning of each term; however, specific circumstances may require students to present letters later in the semester. DSS asks that faculty read and retain students' accommodation letters for the duration of the semester.
Faculty should never apply academic adjustments retroactively, or alter the essential requirements of a course under any circumstances. Instructors are encouraged to contact DSS with questions or clarification on how to implement student accommodations.
Disability Support Services (DSS) expects faculty, administrators, and staff to demonstrate sensitivity and discretion when working with students with disabilities. At no time should faculty make statements or implications that the student is any different from the general student population. DSS encourages you to focus your conversation on the implementation of academic accommodations, not on the nature of the specific disability. Students should never be asked to disclose their disability, serve as an example to other students, or asked to provide medical documentation.
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