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2011 Summer Funding Do's and Don'ts



  • Submit all required documents and forms by the deadline – April 15, 2011  (2011 Summer Funding Application, General Student Information Form, Current Resume, and photocopies of  the 2011-2012 Student Aid Report (SAR) PDF Version) with an EFC# and 2011-2012 Student Eligibility Notice (SEN) or an Enrollment Verification Form (if you are a senior graduating in August 2011)
  • Keep a copy of all information submitted (a soft copy can be made by saving the forms on your account or flash drive)
  • Complete all questions on each form that pertain to you
  • Follow-up on your application status
  • Check your e-mail account for funding information
  • File your FAFSA, preferably on line (www.fafsa.ed.gov), by March 1, 2011 to ensure you receive an EFC# (which appears on the to right corner of your SAR)
  • Meet with your Student Development Specialist or Professional Development Program Participant to review your application packet (make sure you bring your flash drive)
  • Keep EOP informed of any changes (e.g. change in request, address, residence accommodations, etc.)
  • Attend all recommended EOP supportive services
  • Complete your Support Services Agreement Form - Summer 2011 (this form must be completed for every summer 2011 session)
  • Please type your application and save all forms on a flash drive


  • Submit original copies of your Student Aid Report ( SAR) and Student Eligibility Notice ( SEN)
  • Submit tax documents
  • Wait until the due date to complete your application packet
  • Add/Drop courses or change residential accommodations without informing EOP (this can revoke your funding)

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