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2011 Summer Funding Letter


Dear EOP Summer Funding Applicant:

In order for your application to be considered for 2011 Summer Funding, you must be a recipient of the EOF Grant for the 2010-2011 Academic Year, eligible to receive the EOF Grant for the 2011-2012 Academic Year, and adhere to the following procedures:

1. Submit ALL required documents that pertain to you.

  1. If you are not graduating, you are to submit photocopies of your 2011-2012 Student Aid Report (SAR) PDF Version with an EFC number and Student Eligibility Notice (SEN)

  2. If you are a senior graduating by August 2011, you are to submit an Enrollment Verification Form which can be obtained from Enrollment Services. You can also access the Enrollment Verification on-line by:
    1. Logging into your Pirate Net account
    2. Selecting the myInfo tab
    3. Locating the Banner Self-Service block
    4. Selecting the Student and Financial Aid folder
    5. Selecting the Student Records Folder
    6. From the drop down list selecting the Request Enrollment Verification link.

Please note that you have to be registered prior to requesting the Enrollment Verification Form.


2. Submit ALL required forms. This includes the 2011 Summer Funding Application, and the General Student Information Form with a current resume.

3. Meet with your EOP Student Development Specialist or Professional Development Program Participant to review your 2011 Summer Funding Application and to select the appropriate course(s).  It is strongly recommended that you do not wait until the last minute, since your Student Development Specialist or Professional Development Program Participant may not be available due to prior scheduled appointments and responsibilities.

4. Submit the completed application packet to your Student Development Specialist or Professional Development Program Participant by April 15, 2011.   Please note that in the event EOP is unable to finance your summer course(s), you are expected to seek alternative sources of funding.


5. Complete the Support Services Agreement Form - Summer 2011 during the EOP Contract Fair dates. Please check your SHU e-mail address after April 15, 2011 for this information.  Although the contract is not required to be submitted with the application packet, final approval of summer funding is contingent upon a completed contract and attendance at required support services (if applicable). This form must be completed for every summer 2011 session.

Failure to follow the steps outlined above will delay and/or jeopardize your funding eligibility. Furthermore, if you pre-register for summer school and decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to drop the course(s) in accordance with the University's 2011 Summer Registration Guidelines.  Otherwise, you will be liable to the University for all charges incurred.

6.  In addition, please note the following:

  1. Priority considerations for summer funding will be given to those students who utilized Academic Year 2010-2011 EOP support services as recommended and scheduled (i.e. as attending tutoring, structured study, educational enrichment, workshops, seminars, and other academic support services provided via EOP's Center for Learning, Instruction and Assessment),  meeting with assigned Student Development Specialist  or Professional Development Program Participant, attending EOP community meetings,  and community service (applicable only to first year students).

  2. Students who were funded via EOP during the summer of 2010 and failed to achieve a grade of C or better will be ineligible for funding consideration until the summer of 2012, unless all eligible students have been funded and monies are still available.

  3. Students are ineligible for Summer 2011 summer funding if: (a) recommended for suspension or dismissal by the EOP Academic Progress Committee and the dean of the student respective school, (b) requested course(s) is/are being repeated for the third time, ( c) they completed less than 50% of the attempted courses during the last semester of enrollment, and/or (d) did not submit completed Support Services Agreement forms during the Fall 2010 and/or Spring 2011 semesters.

If you have any questions or concerns, please kindly contact your  Student Development Specialist or Professional Development Program Participant at (973) 761-9161.


Dr. Hasani Carter
Acting Associate Dean/ Director
Educational Opportunity Program

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