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Auditing a University Course


classroomAuditing or attending without credit is a good way to pursue coursework at a reduced cost.  You may benefit from the academic content without the obligation to take exams or receive a grade.  As you will see below, not all university courses are available for auditing, and the registration process is more limited: you must have the Registrar's signed permission, and you must wait till the beginning of the semester, when space in the class is available.  Please read the Policy on Auditing a Course  »

You can begin to set up your planned course audit by following these steps: 

  • Finding a Course:
    To find courses and times for the current semester, click here »   The course numbers beginning with one thousand (e.g., ECON1411AA) are first-year courses, two thousand are second-year courses, etc. Five thousand and above are graduate courses.  The higher the course, the more restrictions there may be on auditing, by the department.
  • Course descriptions are found in the online University Catalogue.
    To access the University catalogues, click here »
  • The audit declaration is available in Bayley Hall, at the help desk.
    Students must file an Audit Declaration at the time of registration to qualify for the audit declaration rate ($100 per credit). Registration and other fees may be charged ($185).
  • Excluded Courses
    Audit declaration is not allowed in any closed course, nor is it permitted in any of the following course categories: computer and computer-based courses, applied art (AART), applied music (MUAP), graphics (COGR), studio TV, laboratory courses, independent study, thesis and dissertation studies, writing courses, physical education courses.  The University reserves the right to add additional courses to this list.  

The completed audit declaration must be submitted to the Registrar, signed by the Registrar and returned to you. You will keep the pink copy and give the yellow copy to the instructor of your course. 

Any cancellations or adjustments must be made before the add-drop deadline.

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