Facilities Engineering

Completed Projects


Summer of 2011

  • Campus ADA Project – install motorized doors at the front entrance of the recreation center
  • Paint the interior of Aquinas Hall 
  • Improve selected sidewalks on campus and repair the stairs at Jubilee Hall
  • Paint the WSOU Tower
  • Paint Interior and Exterior of St. Andrews
  • Replace roof over 2nd floor offices in the University Center
  • Replace Roof over Living Room of the University Center
  • Replace the roof and the gutters and leaders at Presidents Hall
  • Renovate the Tri-Level of Xavier
  • Repair /Pave the parking lots  at Duffy, Xavier, Neumann, Serra; and in the deck
  • Stripe the newly paved parking lots (Duffy, Xavier, Neumann, Serra, parking deck)
  • Improve Campus Lighting
  • Replace front and rear entrance/exit doors at Turrell Manor
  • Re-point Gables at Lewis Hall
  • Re-point masonry walls at the Ring Building

Summer of 2010

  • Install a new generator and emergency power in McNulty Hall
  • Renovate Cabrini Hall
  • Install a French drain at 163 S. Centre St
  • Install motorized doors at Fahy Hall
  • Repair selected concrete walks
  • Replace the barrel roof over Walsh Auditorium
  • Repair the parapet at Duffy Hall
  • Replace the roof at Duffy Hall
  • Repair/replace sewer lines in McQuaid Hall
  • Replace the water heater in tri-level Xavier Hall
  • Replace the HVAC unit in Career Services, Bayley Hall
  • Replace the HVAC unit in Accounting, Bayley Hall
  • Repair and paint wood trim on Alumni Hall

Summer of 2009

  • Replace the roof of Xavier tower
  • Seal open joints in the masonry wall of the Xavier tower
  • Replace the flat roofs at the Ring Bldg
  • Replace the patio and MER roofs at the University Center
  • Repair the roof-top HVAC unit, A&S and Nursing
  • Provide secondary containment for 2 generators, WSOU and Walsh Library
  • Install handrails in the classrooms with sloped floors in both A&S and Fahy Hall
  • Construct a fire escape at Marshall Hall

Summer 2008

  • Renovate selected areas of the Recreation Center
  • Renovate the second half of the Turrell Manor apartments
  • Replace Fan Coil Units in Lewis Hall & Alfieri Hall
  • Replace the steam line to Duffy Hall
  • Replace the dishwasher in the Galleon Room
  • Improve the air conditioning for the Chancellor's Suite
  • Repair the exterior stairs at Ora Manor
  • Paint the interior of Boland Hall
  • Replace the cooling tower for Aquinas Hall

Summer 2007

  • Xavier Hall parking lot sealing and striping
  • Renovate one half of the apartments in Turrell Manor
  • Driveway Improvements to McNulty and Jubilee Hall
  • Interior and exterior painting at Ora Manor
  • Install an 8" water line to Jubilee Hall for fire service
  • Replace the patio roof at the University Center
  • Paint the exterior of the University Center
  • Renovate selected areas of the Recreation Center
  • Replace the guard booth near Aquinas Hall
  • Replace the fence along Seton Drive (from Ward Place to the ball field)
  • Convert a two-car garage into a training facility for Human Resources
  • Seal the joints on the top of the parking deck
  • Seal the windows and joints of Walsh Library
  • Seal the windows of Fahy Hall
  • Replace the roof of Corrigan Hall
  • Replace three HVAC units in Corrigan Hall
  • Replace the gates at the Ward Place entrance
  • Construct 9 brick piers in the fence along Ward Place
  • Renovate the Print Shop
  • Replace the service lift in the mail room
  • Repair the men's room, 4th floor, Mooney Hall
  • Improve landscaping on campus

Summer 2006

  • Arts & Sciences light fixture replacement
  • Electrical substation replacement
  • Replacement of the Central Boilers in the Main Heating Plant
  • New synthetic turf grass at Owen T. Carroll Athletic Field
  • Expansion of the Weight Room and Exercise Room at the Richie Regan Recreation and Athletic Center
  • Bayley Hall roof replacement
  • Refurbish the elevator at Turrell Manor
  • Replace electrical service to McQuaid Hall
  • Replace electrical service to Fahy Hall
  • Replace the wood stockade fence at Ora Manor
  • Duffy Hall roof repairs
  • Interior painting at Serra, Neumann, and Cabrini Halls

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