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Advance Approval/Encumbrances

This policy describes how and when advances of university money for business trips are obtained and when appropriate..

encumbranceAdvance Approval/Encumbrances

Competitive Bidding

This policy describes when competitive bids must be obtained at Seton Hall University when procuring goods and services

bidding,competitiveCompetitive Bidding

Enterprise Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Policy and Program

Risk management and regulatory compliance are fundamental responsibilities of University leadership and management.

risk,management,compliance,regulatory,mitigationEnterprise Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Policy and Program

Inter-Departmental Transfers

This policy indicates how a department purchases for another department and then charges back.

IDT,departmental,inter,transfersInter-Departmental Transfers

Laptop Image Software Installation Policy

This policy outlines the process for evaluating, procuring, and installing new software for the laptop image.

installation,laptop software image,procurement,software application,testingLaptop Image Software Installation Policy

Order Process Policy

This policy provides information on the various ways in which Seton Hall University employees can procure goods or services.

Process,order,policyOrder Process Policy

Policy on the Preparation, Review and Approval of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T

As a non-profit organization, Seton Hall University is required annually to file Internal Revenue Service Form 990, the "Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax."

policy,IRS,forms,990,990-t,exempt,income tax,internal revenuePolicy on the Preparation, Review and Approval of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T

Public Lab Reservation Policy

This policy outlines the terms and conditions for using a public lab as a teaching or meeting space.

policy,public lab,reservationPublic Lab Reservation Policy

Purchasing Policy & Procedure Overview

This policy shows the various ways in which Seton Hall University employees can procure goods and services.

overview,policy,purchasingPurchasing Policy & Procedure Overview

Standing Purchase Orders

This policy indicates when the use of a standing purchase order is appropriate at Seton Hall University.

orders,purchase,standingStanding Purchase Orders

Student Participation in Mobile Computing

There are several student specific policies that govern participation in the Mobile Computing Program.

Mobile Computing,Policies,check-in,fees,fines,refresh,repairsStudent Participation in Mobile Computing

Student Technology Assistant (STA) Policy

The following policies pertain to students who participate in the Student Technology Assistant Program.

Policies,STA mission,TLT Center,TLTC,pc support,pcss,policy,professional conduct,responsibility,staStudent Technology Assistant (STA) Policy

Tax Exempt Certificates

This policy indicates why Seton Hall University is exempt from sales and use tax in the various states listed below.

tax certificateTax Exempt Certificates

Travel & Receipt Policy

This is a statement of Seton Hall University policy on business, travel and entertainment expenses. It is applicable to all University employees

Auxiliary Services,Overnight,Policies,accommodations,car rentals,employees,entertainment,ira,personnel,policy,procurement,receipt,reimburse,travel,universityTravel & Receipt Policy
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