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Freshman Studies


About Freshman Studies
Seton Hall's award-winning Freshman Studies program is a multifaceted program designed to offer comprehensive academic advisement and guidance to help freshmen meet their personal, academic and professional goals. Read More »

Transfer Center
An award winning program since 1987, Freshman Studies has helped thousands of students transition form high school to a successful college career. Full Calendar of Events »


Mentoring and Advising

The Mentor is a professional adviser who serves as a professor in the University Life course, as a resource for many questions about the curriculum, and as a counselor to help freshmen plan their course of study. More »

Peer Advisers
Incoming Seton Hall freshmen are assigned peer advisers, SHU upperclassmen, to make the transition to college life as smooth and enjoyable as possible. More »

Summer Reading

Book and GlassesAll incoming freshmen are asked to read a selected book over the summer, before beginning their first year.  This year’s selection is The Ledge by Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughan. The Summer Reading Program, which includes a summer essay contest, Fall semester programming, and course discussions, helps to foster the common learning experience at Seton Hall. Learn more »

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