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Home Away from Home

About the Program
Nothing is better than a home cooked meal and conversation around the dinner table. Yet for many Seton Hall students, the closest they get to a home cooked meal is ordering pizza and microwaving macaroni and cheese. Luckily, the community has stepped in to fill that void and the rumbling stomachs. The Office of Community Relations invites you to join Home Away from Home, a program that matches Seton Hall students with host families in surrounding neighborhoods to share a meal and enjoyable dinner time conversation.  

How Does it Work?
A pair of students are matched with a host family in the area. Every attempt will be made to match students with families who share similar intellectual, cultural, and recreational interests. The Office of Community Relations will set up the first meeting and then the student and host family will plan future gatherings. The host family contacts the student prior to the planned meeting. If students require transportation, the host family may be able to pick them up from campus.

What Will My Home Away from Home Experience Be Like?
Home Away from Home dinners are meant to be an enjoyable time in a respectful and comfortable atmosphere. Families and students get the opportunity to hang out and get to know one another. The families will enjoy the program as much as  students will.  Students and families are encouraged to plan activities beyond just eating dinner. Furthermore, host families are encouraged to welcome students to holiday dinners if the students are in the area during the breaks. Home Away from Home offers students the opportunity to take a break from the classroom and to meet interesting people.

How do I Join?
Sign up as a Student (learn more) or Family (learn more) below.
For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Office of Community Relations at (973) 378-9816 or at

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