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Who is eligible to use Health Services?
Matriculated students who are currently enrolled in classes.

Can students who are not registered for summer classes utilize Health Services?
Students who are registered for classes in either the Summer or continuing students who are registered for the upcoming Fall semester may utilize Health Services in the summer.

Do I need an appointment to be seen at Health Services?
Appointments are recommended to best manage your medical needs. Please call Health Services so we can schedule an appointment that is right for you. Walk-in’s are accommodated if the schedule allows.

Can I walk in to be seen?
Walk-in’s can only be accommodated if the schedule allows. It is best to call ahead to make an appointment.

What happens if I have an appointment scheduled but I am running late or can’t make it?
Please call Health Services. We may be able to reschedule your appointment. If you need to cancel, please do so as early as possible. We would like to offer that appointment to another patient.

Can my spouse and children be treated at Health Services?


Do I need a referral to see a specialist (i.e.: dermatologist, gynecologist, nutritionist, or psychiatrist)?
No referral is needed for those with the school-sponsored health insurance. Health Services staff can assist you with finding specialists if needed. If you carry other insurance, check your carrier’s website for requirements.

Services Provided

Does SHU require an entrance physical?
No physical is required for general admission. Exceptions apply to athletics and some education programs. Please check with your individual school/program.

What should I do if I was sexually assaulted?
Sexual assaults should be reported. Evaluation and care is available at Newark Beth Israel Hospital. Public Safety and Security can be reached at x9300. Counseling and Psychological Services is available for follow up x9500.

Can I have a vision screening?
A basic vision screen is offered in Health Services. We are not able to provide prescriptions for glasses or contacts.

Fee & Payment (Billing)

Will my parents find out why I was seen at Health Services if I bill my student account?
Any charge that is posted will be listed as Health Services. Unique detail is not provided.

What will happen if I don't pay my fees for services from Health Services?
Fees are charged to your bursar account. You may experience a delay in registration or a late fee if your account is not current.

Health Form/Medical Record/Patients' Rights

How do I get copies of my medical records?
A medical release is required. Submit your request to Health Services. Requests are typically filled within 48 hours.

How long do you keep medical records?
Medical records are kept for 10 years.

Will I be notified if there is a problem with my Health Form?
You will receive an email asking you to contact Health Services.

Can I get an excuse note for missing classes?
Notes are not given out on a routine basis. If you were seen in Health Services and your professor requires documentation, we can confirm your visit after receiving permission from you. Extended absences are handled through the Dean’s office.

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