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I could not get all of my pre-entrance immunizations, what should I do?
Call Health Services. These immunizations are available in Health Services.

If I am in the process of completing a vaccine series, will I be permitted to register before having the subsequent dose?
Yes. Please provide Health Services with existing documentation. You may continue the series at your own provider or at Health Services.

Does Health Services offer titer testing for immunity?

I received my vaccines from more than one clinician/facility - what information should I use?
Please submit all documentation.

What happens if I don’t provide my vaccine information?
Incomplete records will result on a continuing hold on your account. You will not be able to register for class.

Class Registration/Holds

I submitted my form weeks ago, why do I still have a hold on my account?
It is likely that your records were incomplete. Please call Health Services for follow-up.

I have an immunization hold on my registration and can't register. What should I do?
Call Health Services. We can direct you as to actions that are required.

Immunization Record/Submission

If I have my own copy of health and immunization records, is it still necessary to complete the Immunization portion of the Health Form?
Please provide a copy of the documentation you have. We will review and provide direction as needed.

I am a returning student. Do I need to resubmit my immunization record?
Medical records are maintained for 10 years. Please call Health Services to confirm we have your records and that they are current. Some vaccines may need to be updated. 

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