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If I am covered by my parent’s insurance plan or have other coverage, why would I need the school- sponsored health insurance?
Some students choose to have additional coverage. It is best to check your policy to see if local medical care and/or services are covered.

If I do not have the school-sponsored health insurance, can I still use Health Services?
Yes. It does not matter what insurance you carry. Please remember to bring your insurance card at time of visit.

Can I enroll my dependents into the school-sponsored health insurance?
Yes, if you yourself are enrolled. You may enroll dependents during the open enrollment period or after a qualifying event.

Can I obtain coverage if I don’t meet the eligibility requirements for the school-sponsored health insurance?
Students enrolled in their last semester before graduation are able to continue coverage. Please complete the Request for Student Health Insurance form »

Am I eligible for the school-sponsored health insurance benefits while I'm on a medical leave of absence?
Once enrolled, your benefits will continue through the end of that benefit period.

Am I covered while I am out of the country?
Services are considered as out of network.

What happens to my coverage if I withdraw from the University?
You will maintain the health insurance for outside providers/services through the end of the benefit period. You will not be able to receive care in Health Services.

What happens to my coverage when I graduate?
You may be able to purchase a continuing policy. Please contact the health insurance company for more information.


Is dental treatment covered by the school-sponsored health insurance?
Care for injury to natural teeth is covered on a limited basis. Routine care and maintenance are not covered. Learn more about supplemental dental insurance or download the enrollment form in pdf format.

Does the school-sponsored health insurance offer vision insurance?
Vision coverage must be purchased separately.

I filed a claim, but haven’t received either reimbursement or notification. What can I do?
For South Orange campus: log in to to review your claim status or call (800) 505-4160.

Insurance Waiver

What does “hard waiver” mean?
The term “hard waiver” means any full-time undergraduate and graduate/law student is required to show evidence of an existing health insurance policy or they will be enrolled in the school-sponsored health insurance. You will be asked to provide alternate insurance information when you waive the school-sponsored health insurance online.

I waived the school-sponsored health insurance but I no longer have other coverage. Can I still purchase the school-sponsored health insurance?
Yes. This is an example of a qualifying event. Please fill out a Request for Student Health Insurance form »

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