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Boland HallBoland Hall houses 702 first year students.  Floors are arranged in living learning communities based on the Core Curriculum.   Boland Hall is part of the COMPASS (Collaborative Opportunities to Mature Personally, Academically, Socially and Spiritually) Program. North Boland is co-ed by floor and is arranged so two rooms share a bathroom. South Boland is single gender by wing and is arranged so individual rooms share a community bathroom. 

The Pirate's Cellar is located in the basement and is available for studying, television, pool games, programs, and other assorted activities. 

The residence hall director's office is located on the first floor. You can contact the Boland Hall front desk at (973) 761-9173.

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Boland Hall Room Dimensions

  • South Boland Hall Double Room: 12'7" x 14'8"
  • North Boland Hall Double Room: 10'11" x 16'.  

Please Note: these measurements are not exact, and there are some exceptions to what is printed. 

Boland Hall Amenities

  • Elevator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Suppression system
  • Wireless access
  • Study Room
  • Laundry Facilities 

Fun Facts About Boland Hall

  • There is one Residence Hall Director, three Residence Coordinators and an Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life for the First Year Experience.
  • Boland is also home to two priests in residence, Fr. John Dennehy and Fr. Brian Muzas.
  • Boland Hall is the only residence hall with a volleyball court!
  • The Pirate’s Cellar is our programming space. Opened in January 2000, the Pirate’s Cellar was named by freshman resident Mike Gentzle. The Pirate’s Cellar has two pool tables, a big screen TV and DVD player. On an average night students will be in the cellar to study, play video games or watch movies.

Boland Hall Council
Boland Hall Council is an active hall government.  Boland Hall Council is for the residents, by the residents and of the residents. Six members sit on the executive board in the positions of President, Vice President, PR Chairperson, RSA Representative, Of The Month (OTM) Coordinator and Secretary. The executive board members are residents of the building who have been elected by their peers.  They work together to put on programs, discuss floor or building issues and make Boland Hall a great place to live and learn. The advisor is the Boland Hall Residence Coordinator, and co-advisors consist of Resident Assistant Staff.

Hall Council is a great way for students to get involved in leadership opportunities within their building and connect to campus resources such as the Resident Student Association.  "For election 2008-09 information, make sure to contact your Resident Assistant!"

In the past two years, Boland Hall Council has put on over 100 meetings, programs and events.  They have raised over $1000 for various charities including: Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Learning for Life, NJ Community Food Bank and the OCM Grace Church Building Fund in memory of Melenie Hong ‘08.

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