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 Students should consult the HRL calendar for opening and closing dates and times and plan to travel accordingly.

There are a few options available for students who cannot leave campus for break due to travel arrangements, on-campus employment, in-season athletic competition, or status as an international student.  Students requiring break housing accommodations must register through their Housing Profile on PirateNet in advance of the break period.  Break Housing is not guaranteed, however, we will do our best to grant as many requests as we may safely accommodate.  

Students remaining in University housing during breaks should note that SHUFLY and SAFEride shuttle services do not operated during breaks, dining hall options become limited, and guest privileges are suspended during breaks.  

Option #1 Staying in current room assignment in an open hall.
Students residing in Boland, Xavier, Turrell Manor, and Ora Manor who intend to be in the halls during any break period also MUST register through the Housing Profile on Piratenet in advance of the break period.

Option #2 Stay in a friend’s room in an open hall
Students who do not live in one of our open halls but require break housing must make their own arrangements with a friend of the same gender in one of our open halls.  It is the resident of the open hall’s responsibility to give their key to their friend to whom they granted access.  Students who stay in another student’s room are expected to maintain the status of the room as it is upon arrival for break and may be held responsible for any damage, theft, or mistreatment of their host’s room and belongings therein. Note: No more than one student per roommate may be hosted in a break housing room.

Option #3 HRL will assign you to a vacancy (when available)
Students who have exhausted all of their break housing options may request to be placed in an HRL approved vacancy in a residence hall open for break housing.  This option is based on occupancy status and, as such, is not always able to be offered by HRL.  We strongly encourage residents to pursue every possible option before requesting this. 

Any students not remaining on campus for break should prepare their room for closing by doing the following things before leaving:

  1. Unplug all electrical appliances (clean and defrost your refrigerator and unplug all fish tanks).
  2. Remove all perishables from your room and properly dispose of all garbage.
  3. Turn off all lights and heating unit(s).
  4. Close and lock all windows but leave your blinds/curtains open unless you live on the 1st floor.
  5. Take all valuables with you and Lock all doors (including your bathroom door where applicable).

Winter Break Only:  You may consider removing all personal possessions from the floor.  In rare instances, and due to extreme weather conditions, water pipes may break and leak which will cause water damage on objects left on the floor.

The University is not responsible for damages, theft or loss of any kind should they occur.

NOTE:  Make sure you take everything you may need because you will not have access to your room during the break.

Be advised that all rooms will be inspected for health and safety reasons by a staff member prior to closing of the building.  Please adhere to the above guidelines in order to avoid possible judicial sanction(s).

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