Key Features of Kronos
Department of Human Resources

 Streamlined Timesheet Process

  • Transportation of Physical Timesheet
    Kronos is a 100% online system; therefore, no physical timesheets will have to be delivered to the payroll office.

  • Approval Workflow
    Employees will be required to record their time and attendance; their supervisor will approve the timesheet online. The workflow automatically sends the timesheet to the payroll office for processing. All actions are auditable via a time/date and user stamp.

  • Accessible Archived Data
    All timesheets and transactions are stored within the Kronos system and easily accessible for the future reference of managers and employees.

  • Automated Interface
    Approved timesheets are interfaced directly to the Banner HR/Payroll system, eliminating the need for data entry of paper timesheets thus reducing the possibility of human error.

  • Calculation of Overtime
    The calculation of complex overtime rules is automated to ensure accuracy.

Improved Usability/Efficiency for Employees

  • Improved Labor Reporting
    Managers will be able to view time/attendance in real time as it is recorded. Managers will have the ability to select reports from a pre-existing inventory to maintain oversight.

  • Forecasting
    Employees will have the ability to submit future time off requests through Kronos.
    This will allow supervisors to effectively manage workforce coverage.

  • Benefit Eligibility Compliance
    HR and supervisors will be able to view and manage leave of absence requests, allowing them to monitor the duration of an absence in accordance with rules and regulations. HR will be able to ensure that appropriate benefits are allotted based on work-schedule regulations such as 403(b) eligibility.

  • Support of Time Clocks
    Employees without access to a computer will swipe their SHU identification badge at a designated time clock to record their attendance.

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