Kronos FAQs
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What is Kronos?
Kronos is an automated time, attendance and leave management application.  It is part of the overall ERP/Banner project implementation.

Who will use Kronos?
Bi-weekly employees and student workers will record hours worked and leave time in Kronos. Administrators will record leave time in Kronos. Any person who supervises an administrator, bi-weekly employee or student worker will utilize Kronos to approve the timecard. 

Will training be provided?
Yes, training is available at Training Tutorials and Documentation.
In addition, you can attend an optional training class by registering for a session in PirateNet.

When should I start using Kronos?
Bi-weekly employees and Student workers should begin recording hours worked in the pay period commencing July 10, 2009.  Exempt employees should be recording exception time on July 1, 2009.

What is my responsibility as an employee using Kronos?

  • Employees are required to submit accurate time records.
  • Employees should record their time on a daily basis. 
  • Employees must approve their timecard before 5pm of the last day of the pay period

Exception:  There are times when a holiday will make it necessary to change the Kronos closing date.  Employees will be notified timely when this is scheduled to happen. 

What is my responsibility as a Supervisor using Kronos?

  • Supervisors are responsible for timely approval of timecards within 24 hours of the pay period close
    • Ensures accuracy
    • Promotes accountability
  • Supervisors should not approve time records before the time is worked.
  • Supervisors should manage any work schedule changes for his/her employees
  • Supervisors are required to make appropriate changes to time records to ensure records accurately reflect the hours worked.
  • Supervisors must personally approve the time records.
    • Supervisors can arrange in advance for a back-up supervisor to approve records in their absence and their supervisor’s absence.  Please contact in this situation.

Why don't I see my student employee in Kronos?
Please contact the student employment office if you have questions regarding work study or university-funded student workers.

Many of my employees report to work early and punch in when they arrive so they don’t forget. How can I adjust the punch times so that they don’t get paid for that extra time not worked?
The time clocks are set up with a grace period of 14 minutes for employees to punch in and out. Thus an employee who is scheduled to begin work at 7 a.m. may punch in from 6:53 a.m. to 7:07 a.m. and still be paid from 7 a.m. Should this employee punch in before 6:53 a.m.; s/he will be paid additional time.

You need to communicate to your staff the grace period and instruct them to punch in only within this time frame (unless of course they begin work earlier than scheduled). Otherwise, we are responsible for paying for the hours reported on the time clock. Managers are not authorized to change the punch times of their employees to reduce or eliminate overtime.

How can I determine who is my supervisor?
You can view the organization reporting structure via the Seton Hall University Organization chart

Who can approve my employees’ timecard in the event I am out of the office?
Your supervisor has access to approve your direct reports.  You will need to notify them when to take action in your absence.

Who should I contact for miscellaneous questions?
Please contact

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