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August 2010

  • Improve Your Health with
    myCignaCheck out the many wellness resources available to you through CIGNA for free!  Access details regarding your health insurance plan, search for medical providers, track your medical claims, and learn about Healthy Rewards® discounts.

  • CIGNA’s Employee Assistance Program
    cignaCIGNA offers a variety of free assistance programs and support services for all employees and their covered dependents. At, you can take a behavioral health self-assessment, browse articles on a variety of health-related topics, access family and caregiving resources, search for behavioral health providers, and much more. To learn about all of the services that are available, simply log into the website using our Employer ID, setonhall.

    CIGNA Behavioral Health (CBH) also offers support for a variety of mental health and substance problems. If you need someone to talk to about a family matter, stress at work, or a personal problem of any kind, simply call CBH directly at (877) 622-4327. CBH staff are available 24 hours a day and can provide you with information on everything from urgent clinical needs to work-life issues. The call and the counseling are free and confidential. CBH staff may provide you with a referral for in-person counseling or direct you to other local resources.

    Not sure whether you should contact CBH? More »

September 2010

  • /Users/mikull/Desktop/74075992Free Telephone and Online Coaching Programs
    Enroll in a CIGNA telephone coaching program for weight loss or tobacco cessation and you'll be paired with a personal wellness coach who will support you and help you to stay motivated.  Together, you'll create a personal healthy living plan designed to help you reach your goals at your own pace.


    You can also enroll in one of CIGNA's online coaching programs. Through these programs you can participate in an interactive experience and receive immediate, proactive communication through multi-session online coaching modules. Weight loss and tobacco cessation coaching programs are also available online or you can choose from one of the following programs:

    Program Benefit to Participant Duration
    Feel Better, Look Better You'll become healthier and feel healthier by incorporating better eating and exercise habits into your lifestyle, and by decreasing your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) score. 8 weeks
    Strength & Resilience This stress management program focuses on work/life balance and helps you to decrease your stress level and improve your coping skills. 8 weeks
    Energy & Performance This fitness program focuses on helping you increase your energy level and fitness performance through better lifestyle habits, and helps you to reach and maintain a better body weight. 8 weeks
    Sleep Better, Feel Better, Live Better Learning how to decrease stress can help you to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep as well as your energy and alertness. 6 weeks

    To enroll in a telephone or online coaching program, log into and click on the My Health tab. Under Health Management Resources in the center of the page, click on Personal and Online Coaching Programs.

October 2010

  • RibbonBreast Cancer Awareness
    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Visit to receive free information, find support, and learn how you can help.

  • CIGNA’s 2010 Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative
    Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in men and women and over 50,000 people die each year from the disease. However, colon cancer is completely preventable if detected early enough through screenings. If you’re fifty years of age or older, get tested for colon cancer. Some people with colon cancer have no symptoms so testing could save your life. If you are a CIGNA subscriber between the ages of 50 and 64, request a free, at-home test kit today by following the below instructions or follow up with your doctor to discuss a colonoscopy.

    Request your free InSure FIT Test kit today:
    • Call toll-free 1-866-908-9441 and provide the information requested.  Have your CIGNA ID card with you when you make the call.

    • Log into  Enter CIGNA2010 in the registration key field to get to the information screen specific for the CIGNA Colorectal Cancer Screening Program.  When you’re asked for a “Unique ID,” enter the 11-digit number on your CIGNA ID card (including any letters).

      This offer will expire December 31, 2010.

  • Healthy Rewards
    Did you know that by accessing CIGNA’s Healthy Rewards you can:

    • Find fitness club memberships at reduced rates
    • Receive Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and NutriSystem discounts
    • Learn about tobacco cessation programs, savings, and support
    • Find alternative medicine and mind/body programs
    • Save 5% on every order at

    Log into, click on the My Health tab, and scroll down to Discounts from Healthy Rewards on the right side of the screen. Simply select the program that interests you and start saving!

November 2010

No Smoking
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Commit to quit! Enroll in the CIGNA Quit TodaySM Tobacco Cessation Program. Making the decision to quit tobacco might be easy but actually carrying through on your decision can be a major challenge. If you’re like many former tobacco users, you may need a little help. The CIGNA Quit Today program can help you to develop a personalized quit plan over the telephone or online.

    When you use the telephone program, you’ll be paired with a personal wellness coach who will support you and help you to stay motivated. Features include:

    • Confidential, individual telephone coaching
    • Optional telephone group support
    • Over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy (patch or gum)

    When you use the online program, you’ll receive a structured program that offers you the flexibility to work independently in a way that is most convenient for you.  Features include:

    • An 8-week self-paced program
    • Weekly emails with key learning themes and tips

    To learn more or to enroll in CIGNA Quit Today, log into, click on the My Health tab, and scroll down to Personal Coaching Programs and Online Health Coaching Programs.

  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month »

  • American Diabetes Month »

December 2010

  • home computerOnline Health Assessments
    Do you want to make some lifestyle changes in the new year? Complete an online health assessment at and receive a free profile of your health status. All of your answers are strictly confidential.

    After you complete the health assessment, you’ll receive a wellness score based on how you average compared to people in your gender and your age group. Don’t worry if the numbers are not where you want them to be. You can update the assessment whenever you make a change to your health. Even small changes can boost your wellness score. In addition to your wellness score, you’ll also receive recommended next steps that can start you on a path to better health.

    To take a health assessment, log into and click Take My Health Assessment on the right side of the screen. Follow the registration instructions until you reach My Health and Wellness Center. Then, select Take My Health Assessment Now and follow the steps through the questionnaire. 

  • Holiday Stress Reduction
    Have the holidays made you into a ball of stress? If so, enroll in one of CIGNA’s free online coaching programs to help get you through the holiday season.

    Participate in the Strength and Resilience stress management program. You’ll focus on work/life balance and learn how you can decrease your stress level while improving your coping skills. The Sleep Better, Feel Better, Live Better program can also show you how to decrease stress levels and improve the quantity and quality of your sleep as well as your energy and alertness.

    Both programs offer interactive experiences and provide you with immediate, proactive communication through multi-session online coaching modules. To enroll in a telephone or an online coaching program, log into and click on the My Health tab. From there, you can choose to complete a Health Risk Assessment to better determine your health needs or directly enroll in coaching program.

January 2011

  • Person making a phone call.24-Hour Health Line
    Depend on the CIGNA HealthCare 24-Hour Health Information Line for helpful, everyday health information on a variety of subjects from sleeplessness to sunburn.  Listen to recordings on numerous health topics or if you are concerned about a specific health problem, choose to speak with a registered nurse.

    • If your condition does not require immediate care, the nurse will give you self-care tips to use until you see the doctor.
    • If you need urgent care, the nurse will direct you to the nearest CIGNA HealthCare participating provider and help you with any necessary authorization. 
    • If it appears that you need emergency care, the nurse will direct you to call 911 or other emergency services in your area.

    If you are directed to seek immediate medical attention, CIGNA will provide your primary care physician with the details (if you have a PCP coordinating your care).  This information becomes a part of your medical records to update your health status and to alert your doctor to the need for any necessary follow-up care.

    To access the 24-Hour Health Line, call the toll-free number on the back of your CIGNA identification card.  Click here for a list of the audio library recording topic codes.  Please have your member ID number handy (listed on the front of your CIGNA identification card).

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