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I'm a resident student; can I get a parking permit? Only senior residents, those with 90 or more credits, are allowed to purchase a parking permit.  

But I’m in a program that requires me to go off campus to complete my degree requirements, how am I supposed to get there?
If you are in a program such as nursing or education your individual college or department will provide a list of eligible resident students to Parking Services. Just stop by the Parking Services Office with your SHU ID and as long as your name is on the list we will be happy to sell you the necessary permit. 

I received a citation and I’d like to fight the charges. What should I do?
We have an appeal process that you can go through. However, there are strict guidelines that MUST be followed. Tickets may be appealed within ten (10) business days of the date the ticket was issued. After ten days the right to appeal is forfeited and the violator is responsible for all fines. Towing and/or boot costs may not be appealed. The following violations are also ineligible for appeal: Parking in fire zones, parking in handicapped spaces, or parking in reserved spaces; use of counterfeit, lost, stolen or altered permits; permit obtained by fraud; obtaining guest and/or visitor permits you are not eligible for or previously appealed citations.  

All appeals must be submitted online. Appeals that are denied will be assessed a $25 fee in addition to the original fine and any applicable late fees.  

I appealed my citation and it was denied. I still don’t think this is right. Now what should I do?
All decisions made by the Appeal Board are final. This policy is stated in our Rules and Regulations. At this point the fine and appeal fee must be paid by the date specified on your decision notice so you can avoid further late fees.  

Can I park my car overnight?
Only those in possession of a Resident, Employee, Faculty or Adjunct Faculty Permit may park their vehicles overnight. Employees, Faculty or Adjunct Faculty needing to park overnight may only do so if on university business. If for some reason you need to park overnight there are ways to do that. Please contact Parking Services so that we can tell you the correct procedure for your situation. 

Are there any overnight parking fees?
Yes, if you need to have your vehicle on campus overnight there is an additional fee plus tax where applicable.  Current fees are available online and in the Parking Services Office.  

Resident students who are hosting an overnight guest are responsible for ensuring a temporary permit for the guest’s vehicle is obtained. The host will be responsible for any violations (past, present or future) incurred by their guests. All Housing and Residence Life guest policies must be complied with prior to requesting the permit.  

A commuter student who will be the overnight guest of a resident student must obtain a permit after complying with the Housing and Residence Life guest policies.  

Why do I have to pay for overnight or temporary parking?
Parking at Seton Hall is extremely limited. Faculty, employees, adjunct faculty, commuter students and eligible residents pay to park their vehicles on campus. Therefore, it is only fair that other individuals utilizing spaces should pay as well.  

How many temporary permits can I have per semester?
Students may obtain temporary permits for special reasons for limited time periods totaling no more than five (5) days per semester to the individual and/or vehicle. Any parking needs beyond these limitations will require the purchase of a permit if eligible (exceptions must be submitted in writing to Parking Services for prior approval). The permit cannot be issued at either of the two entry gates. 

I’m only here for 5 minutes do I still need a permit? 
Yes! Anyone wishing to park their vehicle on the Seton Hall campus MUST have a parking permit displayed on their vehicle no matter how long they plan to stay.  Please come to the Parking Services Office during normal business hours or the Public Safety building after hours to obtain the required permit.  

Why can’t I get a guest permit from any of the guard booths?
Faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, employees and anyone else eligible to purchase a Seton Hall University Parking Permit, as well as students, are NOT eligible to receive a Guest Permits.  Citations will be issued to those who illegally obtain these permits and these citations may not be appealed. 

Why can’t I register someone else’s car?
Any vehicle that is registered for any permit on campus is attached to the person who registered it. If you register another person’s car and they receive citations you are then responsible for those citations. The following penalties will also be incurred:  

  • A student may not register another student’s vehicle in order to obtain a permit. Penalty for all parties involved includes a $200 fine for each person, cost of boot or tow, cost of any additional related citations, plus loss of parking privileges for an academic year.
  • A student may not register another student’s vehicle for a temporary permit. Penalty for all parties involved includes a $100 fine for each person, cost of any additional related citations, plus loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Why can’t residents have car pool permits?
Since all residents cannot have vehicles on campus, placards, hangtags or other “removable” permits are not permitted. Policing of such permits would require more time and resources which would ultimately cost more money and raise parking fees.  

Why can’t students have hangtags?
Basically students cannot have hangtags for the same reason that residents cannot have carpool permits. Not all students can have a vehicle on campus so hangtags or other “removable” permits, except for multi-vehicle/carpool hangtags, are not permitted. Policing of such permits would require more time and resources which would ultimately cost more money and raise parking fees.  

Why can’t we tape the parking permit to our car?
Each type of permit must be displayed properly; failure to do so may result in the issuance of a ticket for improper display of permit. Permits should NEVER be taped to your vehicle as they can become lost or stolen.

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