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Utility Shutdown


Purpose: This document establishes the standard operating guidelines for shutting off any utility to a building or any section of campus.

Background: There is an annual shutdown of electrical service to all buildings on main campus each spring to allow testing, maintenance, and repairs to the substation. Other utilities that are shut off for either scheduled repairs or emergency work are water, electric, natural gas, and heat or central steam.

Responsibilities: For all planned shut downs, the affected building occupants will be notified as early as possible about the shut down. Two days prior notice is preferred.

  • A request will be sent to “Community announcements” asking that a community broadcast message be sent announcing the outage.
  • A separate phone call, memo, or e-mail will be sent to critical operations on campus alerting them of the pending outage. These activities are usually: Public Safety, the central kitchens, the priest community, and student housing.
  • The building manager of the effected buildings will be called or sent an e-mail alerting them of the shut down. The utility service being discontinued will be announced as well as the time of the shut down and the expected duration.

When possible, shutdowns will be scheduled so as to minimize the impact to the building occupants.

After the shut down is complete and service is restored, the lead DFE person will check the affected buildings to ensure service has been properly restored.

Effective Date

February 7, 2003

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