Department of Housing and Residence Life

Health & Safety Inspections


To ensure safety of the entire residential hall community, all residence halls rooms will be inspected monthly for Health & Safety compliance.

University code strictly prohibits the following prohibited items: halogen lamps, upholstered furniture, multi plug adapters, extension cords, incense, candles, open-coil heating/cooking devices (coffee pots, coffee warmers, hot plates, heaters, etc.) and hanging ornamental or holiday lights. Additionally, students are prohibited from tampering, removing, or placing items on fire-safety equipment. At no times, may students place furniture or other items that would impede any means of egress from their room/suite. A path of egress of at least 36” must be maintained in student rooms and suites. A major part of these inspections is sanitation. Student’ living facilities must be in a neat, clean and orderly condition to promote a healthy living and learning environment.


  • The HRL Professional Staff along with a Resident Assistant will key into each room and inspect for health-safety compliance. The resident(s) do not need to be present during this time. Each room will be marked off on a Health-Safety master list. If the room is in compliance for health-safety, the staff members will indicate this on the master list as “ok”. If violations are found, items may be confiscated and the resident(s) will receive a violation form alerting them of what has been removed from their room.

Progressive Discipline:

  • Any residents found in non-compliance will receive the violation form alerting them of the violations and how to arrange to recover items to be removed from the hall. Students will be required to meet with the HRL Professional Staff to discuss the violation(s) cited in their room.
  • Students who fail to meet with the HRL Professional Staff will be sanctioned without the benefit of their input.

Students found in violation will have fines added to their accounts.

Effective Date

January 1, 2009

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