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This is the policies website for Seton Hall University.  It is the official repository for all University, divisional, school, college and departmental policies currently in effect.  Any policy found elsewhere, on-line or in print (including University handbooks and manuals), that is inconsistent with the official version of a policy found on this policies website, should be disregarded.  The most current version of a policy will be found on this website.

The University requires that all policies be promulgated in accordance with the applicable procedure, standards and format set forth in the Policy on Developing, Adopting and Promulgating University Policies.
As the University is continually developing and amending its policies, it is the affirmative obligation of every employee to be aware of these policies in their most current version and adhere to them.

Title and Description GLOBALKEYWORDS Title

1.8 GPA Requirement

Request form for exception to the 1.8 GPA requirement to remain in housing.

HRL,Release,housing,leave,move,out,request1.8 GPA Requirement

Account Generation Processes

User accounts that provide access to various IT resources are created and maintained by the Department of Information Technology to support the academic and administrative work of members of the University community.

account,generation,IT,information technology,banner,email,office 365,office365,piratenet,blackboardAccount Generation Processes

Advance Approval/Encumbrances

This policy describes how and when advances of university money for business trips are obtained and when appropriate..

encumbranceAdvance Approval/Encumbrances

Application for Graduation

Information about applying for graduation.

graduationApplication for Graduation

Appropriate Use Policy

Seton Hall has an appropriate use policy which governs the use of IT resources on campus.

appropriate use,enforcement,principles,rights of access,user expectations,user responsibilitiesAppropriate Use Policy

At Will Employment

The purpose of this policy is to define the “at will” employment relationship between the University and its at will employees.

at will,at will employment,employment,employment relatiosnhipAt Will Employment

Audit Options

Information on how to audit a course including registration information.

audit,audit declaration,audit options,auditing a course,enrollment services,registrarAudit Options

Authorized Search Policy

Authorization procedures for conducting a search.

authorized search,community development,procedures,searchAuthorized Search Policy

Award Notification

Financial aid award notification.

aid,award,financial,financial aid award notification,financial aid office,loan,notification,scholarship,services,student,student financial servicesAward Notification

Background Check Policy

Seton Hall requires that all full and part-time, permanent and temporary faculty (including adjunct faculty), administrators and bargaining and non-bargaining unit staff consent to an appropriate background check prior to employment with the University, as well as prior to promotion or transfer within the University.

background check,policy,procedure,counsel,provostBackground Check Policy

Bicycle Policy

Seton Hall University promotes the use of bicycles as an alternative means of transportation supporting the University’s goals for a more sustainable campus.

bicycle,policy,policies,procedure,registration,violation,parking,operationBicycle Policy

Blackboard Course Site Retention Policy

The policy for Blackboard Course Site Retention.

blackboard,course,policy,procedures,retention,siteBlackboard Course Site Retention Policy

Broadcast Email Guidelines

Seton Hall has created the following e-mail guidelines to govern the use of the University e-mail system.

account,announcements,broadcasts,e-mail,guidelines,hoaxes,violationsBroadcast Email Guidelines

Campus Email Use Guidelines

This policy outlines the processes used to create, maintain and delete user accounts on Seton Hall University's email systems.

policy,use,email,guidelines,accounts,technology,employees,faculty,students,alumniCampus Email Use Guidelines

Centralizing and Coordinating Gifts and Pledges

The University may accept gifts and pledges that are consistent with its stated mission and bylaws, and federal, state and local laws and regulations.

advancement,bequest,cash,development,endowment,gift,jewelry,pledge,policy,president,real estateCentralizing and Coordinating Gifts and Pledges

Change of Major

Information on the change of major procedure.

change of major,curriculum adjustment form,enrollment services,major,office of the registrar,registrarChange of Major

Chase MasterCard Policy

This document is the official Chase credit card policy document for Seton Hall University.

chase,credit,mastercard,policyChase MasterCard Policy

Class Absence Notification Policy

Each professor sets the attendance policy for his/her class. Students should refer to the course syllabus to know the absence policy for each class.

absence,atttendance,class,community developmentClass Absence Notification Policy

Collection of Personal Contact Data for Emergency Notification System

Learn about the policy for safeguarding personal information with the University's emergency notification system.

3n,call,collection,crisis,data,e-mail,email,emergency,information,notice,notification,personal,phone,piratealert,policy,privacy,safeguard,service,sms,telephone,text,text messageCollection of Personal Contact Data for Emergency Notification System

Communications to Students

The Financial Aid Office communicates to our students via email and PirateNet. All notifications are emailed to the students SHU email account.

financial aid,communication,students,piratenet,email,shu accountCommunications to Students

Community Standards Records Retention

Policy for the retention of documents maintained in the student's discipline files.

Community Standards,community development,judicial,records,retentionCommunity Standards Records Retention

Competitive Bidding

This policy describes when competitive bids must be obtained at Seton Hall University when procuring goods and services

bidding,competitiveCompetitive Bidding

Computer Lab Software Installation Policy

This policy outlines the process for installing new software applications in the public computer labs.

computer lab,software installationComputer Lab Software Installation Policy

Computer Viruses and Malware Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect Seton Hall University technology resources and data against intrusion by viruses and other malware.

computing,information technology,it,malware,virus,security,computer,network,antivirusComputer Viruses and Malware Policy

Conditions for Receiving Aid

Conditions for receiving financial aid

Conditions for receiving financial aid,aid,financial,financial aid,financial aid aoffice,services,student,student financial servicesConditions for Receiving Aid

Confined Space Entry Procedure

Assuring that proper precautions are taken when entering confined spaces within the facility.

Policies,confined space,entry procedure,facilities,facilities engineering,officesConfined Space Entry Procedure

Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

Conflict of interest and commitment policy for officers and employees of Seton Hall University.

administrative,announcement,conflict,conflict of commitment,conflict of interest,statementConflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

Conscientious Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Policy)

The Whistleblower Act protects employees against retaliatory action.

compliance,protection,employees,whistleblower,conscientiousConscientious Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Policy)

Contract / Vendor ID Card Policy

To provide a means of immediately identifying what contractors and vendors employed by the DFE are working on campus.

facilities,facilities engineering,offices,vendor idContract / Vendor ID Card Policy

Copyright Policy

The use of intellectual property, such as materials protected by copyright, is affected by the ownership rights in those materials. In our educational environment and as members of the Seton Hall University community, we recognize the value of those rights as expressed in the copyright laws of the United States.

copyright,intellectual property,ownership,rights,law,fair useCopyright Policy

Cranes, Hoists, and Picks

This document establishes the standard operating guidelines for the safe use of cranes or hoists to lift material and equipment on campus.

cranes,facilities,facilities engineering,hoists,offices,picks,policyCranes, Hoists, and Picks

Curriculum Modification Policy

Seton Hall's curriculum modification policy and procedures for students with disabilities.

course substitution,curriculum modification,foreign language substitution. math substitutionCurriculum Modification Policy

Data Classification Security Policy

Any person who uses, stores or accesses data contained in the University’s technology systems has the responsibility to safeguard that data.

data,security,information technology,policy,classification,privacyData Classification Security Policy

Deferments of Tuition & Fees and Disbursement of Aid

Deferments of tuition & fees and disbursement of aid.

Deferments of tuition & fees and disbursement of aid,a id,deferment,disbursement,fees,financial,office of financial aid,services,student,tuitionDeferments of Tuition & Fees and Disbursement of Aid

Dependent vs. Independent Students

Comparing dependent and Independent student status

Dependent,aid,circumstances,exceptional,finaid,financial,independent,office,student,student financial services,studentsDependent vs. Independent Students

Diploma Policy

Information about diplomas

diplomaDiploma Policy

Disability Support Services (DSS) Appeal Policy and Procedures

Policy and procedures for filing an appeal regarding DSS accommodations.

dss,disability,disability support services,appeal,accommodation,accommodate,compliance,deniedDisability Support Services (DSS) Appeal Policy and Procedures

Donations of Books and Periodical Literature

The Monsignor James C. Turro Library of Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology is happy to receive donations of theological books and journals, books on Church history, Christian spirituality, biblical studies and saints’ lives.

Immaculate Conception Seminary,book donation,church,donation policy,donations,james c. turro,journal donation,journals,seminary,seminary library,theologyDonations of Books and Periodical Literature

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

This policy establishes a drug-free workplace program that balances our respect for individuals with the need to maintain an alcohol and drug free environment.

alcohol,alcoholic beverages,controlled substances,drug-free,drug-free schools and communities act,drug-free workplace act,illegal use of drugs,unlawful drugsDrug and Alcohol Free Workplace

e Discovery Policy

The purpose of this policy is to assist University employees in fulfilling their responsibilities to preserve and produce relevant evidence.

data,data preservation,document preservation,e discovery,electronically stored information,esi,evidence,general counsel,policy,preservation,relevant evidencee Discovery Policy

Email Archiving (ArchiveOne) Policies and Procedures

This policy covers the procedures for using the University's C2C ArchiveOne e-mail archiving system.

e-mail,archive,mailbox,it,technologyEmail Archiving (ArchiveOne) Policies and Procedures

Emergency Preparedness Guide and Procedures

Emergency Preparedness Guide and Procedures provided by the Office of Disability Support Services.

emergency,preparedness,disability support services,dss,policy,procedureEmergency Preparedness Guide and Procedures

Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)

Seton Hall University must verify employment eligibility of employees.

I9,eligibility,employment,federal law,verificationEmployment Eligibility Verification (I-9)

Enterprise Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Policy and Program

Risk management and regulatory compliance are fundamental responsibilities of University leadership and management.

risk,management,compliance,regulatory,mitigationEnterprise Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Policy and Program

Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Statement

Seton Hall University is committed to programs of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EEO/AA).

aa,age,andti-discrimination,compliance,disability,discrimination,eeo,employees,employment,equal,equal opportunity employment,federal,opportunity,president,stateEqual Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Statement

Faculty Grievance Procedures

Procedure for filing a grievance.

faculty,grievance,provost,senateFaculty Grievance Procedures

Faculty Participation in Mobile Computing

There are several faculty specific policies that govern participation in the Mobile Computing Program.

Mobile Computing,Policies,administrators,employees,faculty,refresh,repairsFaculty Participation in Mobile Computing

Family Medical Leaves

This policy provides eligible employees with family medical leave in compliance with the FMLA and NJFMLA.

FMLA,Family and Medical Leave Act,Leave for Covered Service Member,Military Family Leave,NJFLA,New Jersey Family Leave Act,Qualified Exigency Leave,Regular Leave,Unpaid Leave,intermittent leaveFamily Medical Leaves

Federal Verification Policy

The Federal Processor determines who is selected for verification.

federal,federal processor,financial,financial aid. aid,student financial services,verificationFederal Verification Policy

FERPA Policies

Information about access and privacy of educational records.

access,educational records,enrollment services,privacy,registrarFERPA Policies

Financial aid-second degree undergraduate students

Financial aid information for second degree undergraduate students..

aid,financial,financial aid,second degreeFinancial aid-second degree undergraduate students

Financial Aid-Transfer Students

Review of financial aid information for transfer students

aid,financial,financial aid,transfer studentsFinancial Aid-Transfer Students

Fire Emergencies

The University Fire Safety Program is coordinated by the Department of Public Safety & Security (PS&S).

emergency,evacuation,fire,fire suppression,public safety,safety,securityFire Emergencies

Fire Safety

Rationale, Regulations and Resources regarding Fire Safety for Seton Hall University Housing Facilities

HRL,appliances,evacuation,fire,fire drills,fire safety,furniture,housing,housing and residence life,inspections,life,prohibited items,residence,sprinklers,suppression systemsFire Safety

Flag Policy

Regulations for displaying the American Flag and the SHU Flag on campus.

Policies,american flag,community development,flag,offices,procedures,shu flagFlag Policy

Fuel Tank Emergency Procedure and SPCC Plan

The Fuel Tank Emergency Procedure and SPCC Plan describes the facility's response guidelines to control and remove the released materials and the steps to follow to place all human lives affected by the release out of harm's way.

emergency,facilities,facilities engineering,fuel tank,office,policy,procedureFuel Tank Emergency Procedure and SPCC Plan

Good Samaritan Policy

Student health and safety are fundamental to our community. Whenever there is concern for another student or belief that assistance is needed, students are expected to contact Public Safety.

assistance,community development,good samaritan,help,samaritan,studentsGood Samaritan Policy

Grade Change Policy

Information about changing a grade.

grade changeGrade Change Policy

Graduate Students

Graduate student financial aid.

Graduate student financial aid,aid,assistantship,chancellors,federal Stafford,fellowships,financial,financial aid office,graduate,graduate assistantships,loans,masters,perkins,provost,regents,scholarships,services,student,student financial services,university,waiversGraduate Students

Guest & Visitation Policies & Procedures

A summary of policies and procedures for resident students hosting guests in the halls.

Overnight,guest policy,hosting,visitationGuest & Visitation Policies & Procedures

Guidelines for Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Guidelines for Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation, Seton Hall University

complaints,guidelines,discrimination,harassment,retaliation,policyGuidelines for Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Health & Safety Inspections Policy

To ensure safety of the entire residential hall community, all residence hall rooms will be inspected monthly for Health and Safety compliance.

HRL,Health Inspections,Housing & Residence LIfe,Safety Inspections,confiscation,dorm,dorms,fire safety,housing,inspection,inspections,policy,residence,safetyHealth & Safety Inspections Policy


The most significant contribution that Seton Hall University can make to limit the spread of HIV infection is through education.

AIDS,HIV,handbook,health,policy,student affairs,student handbook,students,universityHIV/AIDS Policy

ICS Thesis Preservation

Every student who writes a thesis for ICS must present one copy to the seminary library for binding and storage.

seminary library,thesis,thesis policy,thesis preservationICS Thesis Preservation

Identity Theft Prevention Policy and Program

The Identity Theft Prevention Policy and Program for Seton Hall University

compliance,compliance office,identity theft prevention,identity theft prevention policy,identity theft prevention programIdentity Theft Prevention Policy and Program


Information about incomplete grades.


Institutional Need Based Grant Programs Policy

Seton Hall's policy on awarding institutional funds to incoming and current students.

Institutional aid,financial aid,grant policy,grants,institutional grant policyInstitutional Need Based Grant Programs Policy

Inter-Departmental Transfers

This policy indicates how a department purchases for another department and then charges back.

IDT,departmental,inter,transfersInter-Departmental Transfers

Laptop Image Software Installation Policy

This policy outlines the process for evaluating, procuring, and installing new software for the laptop image.

installation,laptop software image,procurement,software application,testingLaptop Image Software Installation Policy

Laptop Repair Policy

All laptop repairs are done on-site by PC Support Services in the Technical Support area.

technology,laptop,repairs,pcss,support,loaners,policy,warranty,damage,software,backup,stolenLaptop Repair Policy

Late Drops and Withdrawals

The following information is provided to give you an overview of the policies on Refunds and Return of Title IV funds.

classes,drop,financial,financial aid,late,refund check,refunds/return of funds,registrar,schedule,services,student,student financial services,tuition,withdrawal,withdrawalsLate Drops and Withdrawals

Layoff Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide uniform criteria and procedures in the event it becomes necessary to reduce the number of positions and/or University employees or to restructure the workforce.

employees,human resources,layoff,reduction,restructure,staff,workforceLayoff Policy

Media Use and Copyright

World language media check-out and use policy for faculty, staff and students

DVD,World,cd,film,foreign,language,movieMedia Use and Copyright

Missing Resident Student Notification Policy

In compliance with the Higher Education Reauthorization Act of 2008, the purpose of this policy is to provide the procedures for reporting, investigating and making emergency notifications regarding any resident student of Seton Hall University who is believed to be missing.

emergency,missing,notification,policy,public safety,security,student,student affairsMissing Resident Student Notification Policy

Negotiating and Entering into Contracts and Leases

This policy ensures the timely and appropriate formulation and internal review of contracts and leases entered by SHU.

Auxiliary Services,business affairs,contracts,leases,negotiationsNegotiating and Entering into Contracts and Leases

Non-Hazing Policy

Seton Hall University does not condone and never has condoned or supported the practice of hazing. Hazing is contrary to the principles upon which the University community is built.

Community Standards,Greek Life,community development,fraternities,hazing,sororitiesNon-Hazing Policy

Nondiscrimination/Title IX Statement

Seton Hall University Nondiscrimination/Title IX Statement

nondiscrimination,title IX,statement,policyNondiscrimination/Title IX Statement

Order Process Policy

This policy provides information on the various ways in which Seton Hall University employees can procure goods or services.

Process,order,policyOrder Process Policy


Reduction of aid due to overaward.

aid,aid reduction,financial,financial aid,overaward,reductionOverawards

Parking Rules and Regulations

The Office of Parking Services is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of all University parking lots.

disability,eligibility,enforcement,fees,fines,handicapped,parking,parking lots,parking permits,parking services,permits,regulations,rules,trafficParking Rules and Regulations

Password Policy, Standards and Guidelines

In order to protect both your and the University’s information and resources, the Department of Information Technology has formulated password standards and guidelines.

authentication,doIT,information technology,password,security,security information security,strong password,technology,verificationPassword Policy, Standards and Guidelines

Performance Evaluation for Administrative Employees

Guidelines for conducting annual performance assessments for Administrative employees.

Performance,Related Documents,Training and Organizational Development,administrator,hr,human resources,performance management,policies and proceduresPerformance Evaluation for Administrative Employees

Performance Evaluation for Bargaining Unit and Non-Bargaining Unit Support Staff

Guidelines for conducting annual performance assessments for bargaining and non-bargaining unit employees.

Related Documents,Training and Organizational Development,hr,human resources,performance management,policies and proceduresPerformance Evaluation for Bargaining Unit and Non-Bargaining Unit Support Staff

Permit Program for Hot Work

Seton Hall University recognizes that there is a potential for injury to people and damage to property that can result from fire or sparks that arises when hot work is performed outside of a designated safe hot work area.

Policies,facilities,facilities engineering,hot work,permitPermit Program for Hot Work

Personal Vehicle Use

Policies and procedures for using a personal vehicle for company business.

accident,automobile,business,business affairs,driver,driver's license,license,maintenance,motor,motor vehicle,personal vehicle,vehicle,vehicle safetyPersonal Vehicle Use

Phased Retirement Policy for Tenured Faculty at the South Orange Campus

The policy provides eligible tenured faculty at the South Orange campus with the opportunity to enter into phased retirement agreements

faculty,phased,policy,retrement,south orange campus,tenure,tenuredPhased Retirement Policy for Tenured Faculty at the South Orange Campus

Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

The University is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other unlawful conduct and that assures the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals.

retaliation,harassment,discrimination,policy,general counselPolicy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Policy for Award of the Status of Professor Emeritus

In recognition of distinguished and meritorious service rendered to Seton Hall University, the provost may confer on a retired faculty member a number of privileges.

Policies,academic,emerita,emeritus,faculty,policy,provost,retiredPolicy for Award of the Status of Professor Emeritus

Policy for Minors on Campus: Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held at the University and / or Housed in University Facilities

The purpose of this policy is to provide for appropriate supervision of Minors who are involved in programs held at the University.

policy,minors,human resourcesPolicy for Minors on Campus: Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held at the University and / or Housed in University Facilities

Policy on Confidential Information

Seton Hall University employees who have been given access to confidential information, have a resonsibility to protect this sensitive and personal data.

data,confidentiality,access,information technology,banner,personal,financial academicPolicy on Confidential Information

Policy on Developing, Adopting and Promulgating University Policies

The purpose of this policy is to provide a standardized process for the development, approval, promulgation and management of University, divisional, school/college and departmental policies.

Policies,guidelines,official,policy,procedures,responsible,scope,standards,university counselPolicy on Developing, Adopting and Promulgating University Policies

Policy on Legal Defense and Indemnification of University Employees and Representatives

The University is committed to defending and protecting its employees and other representatives from liability in the fulfillment of their duties and responsibilities to the University.

policy,counsel,employees,defense,indemnificationPolicy on Legal Defense and Indemnification of University Employees and Representatives

Policy On Naming Opportunities

In the naming of University facilities, and of other opportunities such as scholarships, endowed chairs, speaker series, and the like, Seton Hall seeks to recognize individuals who have made a noteworthy contribution to the good of our world.

policy,regents,namingPolicy On Naming Opportunities

Policy on Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities

The University provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the University.

policy,procedure,employees,disabilities,accommodation,function,reasonable,human resources,employmentPolicy on Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities

Policy on Service Animals

Seton Hall's policy on service animals for students with disabilities.

animals,guide dog,hearing dog,seizure response dog,service animal,service dogs,signal dogPolicy on Service Animals

Policy on Smoke-Free Environment

Seton Hall University is committed to providing a healthy, smoke-free workplace and living environment.

policy,smoke,health,smokingPolicy on Smoke-Free Environment

Policy on Student Conduct

Policy on the conduct of students with disabilities.

Community Standards,Conduct,disciplinary action,discipline,student conductPolicy on Student Conduct

Policy on the Preparation, Review and Approval of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T

As a non-profit organization, Seton Hall University is required annually to file Internal Revenue Service Form 990, the "Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax."

policy,IRS,forms,990,990-t,exempt,income tax,internal revenuePolicy on the Preparation, Review and Approval of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T

Preregistration and Registration

Information about preregistration and registration.

preregistration,registrationPreregistration and Registration

Principal Investigator's Handbook

The Principal Investigator's Handbook contains the standard policies, procedures and forms that faculty need to seek external support for research, teaching and outreach.

SURF,TLTR,URC,awards,challenge,databases,faculty development,faculty initiatives,federal,fellowships,foundations,grants,handbook,principal investigators,proposal development,publications,research,scholarship,state,workshopsPrincipal Investigator's Handbook

Procedures for Promotion, Tenure, Sabbaticals

Policy and procedure described for promotion, tenure and sabbaticals.

faculty,faculty guide,promotion,provost,rank,sabbatical,tenureProcedures for Promotion, Tenure, Sabbaticals

Public Computer Lab Guidelines

The following is a list of guidelines that govern the use of the Public Computer Labs.

guidelines,pcss,public labPublic Computer Lab Guidelines

Public Lab Reservation Policy

This policy outlines the terms and conditions for using a public lab as a teaching or meeting space.

policy,public lab,reservationPublic Lab Reservation Policy

Purchasing Policy & Procedure Overview

This policy shows the various ways in which Seton Hall University employees can procure goods and services.

overview,policy,purchasingPurchasing Policy & Procedure Overview

Records Retention

This policy provides for the consistent and systematic review, retention, and disposition of records received or created in the transaction of Seton Hall University business.

records retention and disposition policy,records retention and disposition,records retention policy,policies and procedures,office of records management,officesRecords Retention

Recreation and Athletic Center Policies

A listing of the policies and procedures for the Richie Regan Recreation and Athletic Center.

Richie Regan Recreation and Athletic Center Policies List,Richie Regan center,athletics,rec center,rec center policies,recreation centerRecreation and Athletic Center Policies

Recruiting for Mission Non-Faculty Employees

Ensure mission-effectiveness by recruiting employees who understand and embrace the University's Mission.

recruiting for mission,mission,recruiting,University's Mission,Catholic mission,Catholic Institution of higher education,policy,policies,mRecruiting for Mission Non-Faculty Employees


Outlines the recycling effort on campus.

facilities,facilities engineering,office,policy,recyclingRecycling

Registration and Transcript Holds

A complete list of registration and transcript holds with descriptions.

75,BD,BT,CA,De,PP,RA,account,ad,ba,cb,ce,ci,cn,da,db,dd,di,dn,enrollment services,eo,hold on account,holds,im,office of the registrar,payment,rb,re,registrar,registration holds,rn,sa,sb,sd,se,si. ri,sn,th,transcript holdsRegistration and Transcript Holds

Remote Access (VPN) Policy

This policy applies to all SHU, employees, contractors, consultants, temporary employees, and all personnel affiliated with third party employers utilizing the VPN to access the SHU Network.

vpn,information technology,networkRemote Access (VPN) Policy

Repeat Coursework Policy

The Department of Education has implemented new regulations governing repeated coursework. The regulations have been implemented to improve the pace of graduation completion for students, which in turn should reduce loan indebtedness and preserve grant funding levels.

repeat,coursework,education,regulations,graduation,completion,loan,indebtedness,grant,funding,levelsRepeat Coursework Policy

Residence Hall Alcohol Policy

Policies regarding use of alcohol in University Housing.

alcohol,beer balls,drinking,kegs,over 21,under 21Residence Hall Alcohol Policy

Review Process

Any research project, class activity, or testing procedure involving the use of animals must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC before initiation.

animal,animal research,iacuc,provostReview Process

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Seton Hall's policy on determining satisfactory academic progress and the appeal process.

academic progress,appeal academic progress,financial aid,satisfactory academic progress policySatisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Screening Room Use

Guidelines for use of the Screening Room in Fahy Hall 203B.

film,foreign,language,movie,screening roomScreening Room Use

Seminary Library Access and Borrowing

All Seton University faculty, administrators, staff and students who have a valid SHU ID card have access and borrowing privileges.

access,borrowing,library,seminary,seminary librarySeminary Library Access and Borrowing

Seminary Library Lending Policy

Only SHU Faculty and registered SHU students with a valid SHU ID card have full access to the library with borrowing privileges.

book borrowing,lending policy,seminary,seminary librarySeminary Library Lending Policy

Seminary Library Overdue Policy

Read the Seminary Library policy regarding overdue library books and media.

late fee,library fees,overdue book policy,overdue fee,seminary librarySeminary Library Overdue Policy

Separation of Duties within Information Systems

Separation of duties is one tool used to ensure the integrity and security of the University’s data and information systems.

policy,it,information systems,computer,technology,duties,security,data,integrity,hipaaSeparation of Duties within Information Systems

Severance and Release

A description of the severance program Seton Hall University provides to full-time administrative and non-union staff employees.

Financial Separation Allowance,Policies,Position Elimination,Release,Restructuring,Separation,Severance,Severance Pay,policySeverance and Release

Short Term Disability

Details about the Short Term Disability policy.

benefits,employee benefits,human resources,offices,services,short term disabilityShort Term Disability

SHU Direct Loan Process

Process for getting a Direct Loan to finance your education at SHU.

aid,financial,financial aid,loan,loan process,stafford loan,student financial servicesSHU Direct Loan Process

Sick Leave

This policy provides paid sick leave to employees due to illness, injury or disability.

accrued sick leave,earned sick leave,paid sick leave,sick leave maximum,unused sick leaveSick Leave

Sports Camps Policy

Policy regarding Sports Camps

Sports camp,athletic and recreational services,athletics,camp,policy,sports,university athleticsSports Camps Policy

Standing Purchase Orders

This policy indicates when the use of a standing purchase order is appropriate at Seton Hall University.

orders,purchase,standingStanding Purchase Orders

Statement on Students with Disabilities

Students who have a physical, medical, learning or psychiatric disability, either temporary or permanent, may be eligible for reasonable accommodations at the University.

disability support services,learning disability,medical disability,permanent disability,physical disability,psychiatric disability,reasonable accommodations,statement on students with disabilities,students with disabilities,temporary disabilityStatement on Students with Disabilities

Student Participation in Mobile Computing

There are several student specific policies that govern participation in the Mobile Computing Program.

Mobile Computing,Policies,check-in,fees,fines,refresh,repairsStudent Participation in Mobile Computing

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Review of student rights and responsibilities.

aid,financial,financial aid,responsibilities,student financial services,student rightsStudent Rights and Responsibilities

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

All forms of sexual offenses are violations of the University's Community Standards. The Student Handbook contains the “Sexual Assault and Misconduct Policy”.

Community Standards,Health Services,policies relating to sex offenses,sex offenses,sexual offenses,student handbookStudent Sexual Misconduct Policy

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

Policy on Sexual Assault and misconduct

Policies,behavior,misconduct,policy,procedure,procedures,sexual misconductStudent Sexual Misconduct Policy

Student Technology Assistant (STA) Policy

The following policies pertain to students who participate in the Student Technology Assistant Program.

Policies,STA mission,TLT Center,TLTC,pc support,pcss,policy,professional conduct,responsibility,staStudent Technology Assistant (STA) Policy

Students in Dissertation

Financial aid policies for Dissertation students.

students in dissertation,dissertation students,dissertation,aid,financial,financial aid,financial aid office,services,student,student financial servicesStudents in Dissertation

Tax Exempt Certificates

This policy indicates why Seton Hall University is exempt from sales and use tax in the various states listed below.

tax certificateTax Exempt Certificates

Tax Reporting and Withholding Requirements for Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange Benefits

Tax Reporting and Withholding Requirements for Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange Benefits.

benefits,exchange,hr,human resources,tax reporting requirements,tax withholding requirements,taxation,tuition,tuition exchange scholarship program,tuition remissionTax Reporting and Withholding Requirements for Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange Benefits

Technology Purchase Procedures

University IT Services has established guidelines and procedures for all technology purchases.

IT,technology,purchase,equipment,software,computers,wireless,devices,network,servers,peripherals,printer,hubTechnology Purchase Procedures

Testing Policy and Procedures

Seton Hall's Policy and Procedures for Testing

testing,policy,procedures,dss,disability,support,servicesTesting Policy and Procedures

Transcript Request Policy

Information about requesting transcripts.

office of the registrar,registrar,transcript request policy,transcriptsTranscript Request Policy

Travel & Receipt Policy

This is a statement of Seton Hall University policy on business, travel and entertainment expenses. It is applicable to all University employees

Auxiliary Services,Overnight,Policies,accommodations,car rentals,employees,entertainment,ira,personnel,policy,procurement,receipt,reimburse,travel,universityTravel & Receipt Policy

Travel and Entertainment

This policy provides information on Seton Hall University's overall travel and entertainment policy.

entertainment,travelTravel and Entertainment

Tuition Exchange Scholarship Program

Seton Hall University is a member of Tuition Exchange, Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit association of colleges and universities that was founded in 1952 for the purpose of making careers in higher education more attractive.

Resources,exchange,hr,human,program,scholarship,tuitionTuition Exchange Scholarship Program

Tuition Remission Benefit

Seton Hall University provides a tuition remission benefit for study at Seton Hall University. The following is a description of the program and includes information on eligibility, requirements for participation, exclusions and related topics.

policy,tuition,remission,benefitTuition Remission Benefit

University Libraries Policies

A link to the University's library policies.

University Libraries Policies,Walsh Library,Walsh Library policiesUniversity Libraries Policies

University Policy Regarding Mobile Devices Accessing Campus Network Services

University employees may wish to access campus network services such as email using their mobile device.

policy,it,information technology,mobile,network,access,securityUniversity Policy Regarding Mobile Devices Accessing Campus Network Services

Utility Shutdown and Notification

This document establishes the standard operating guidelines for shutting off any utility to a building or any section of campus.

facilities,facilities engineering,office,policy,procedures,utility shutdownUtility Shutdown and Notification

Vacation Donation Policy

This program allows employees to donate vacation time to another employee.

benefits,forms,policies and proceduresVacation Donation Policy

Vacation Leave

This policy provides paid vacation leave to eligible employees.

accrued vacation time,payment of unused vacation time,vacation accruals,vacation leave,vacation timeVacation Leave

Vehicle Safety

Policies and procedures for operating University-owned vehicles.

accident,automobile,business,business affairs,driver,driver's license,license,maintenance,motor,motor vehicle,vehicle,vehicle safetyVehicle Safety

Violence Prevention Policy

This policy has been established to provide an appropriate level of safety for employees, students, visitors and property by establishing a Zero Tolerance for any form of threats and/or threatening behavior or acts of violence.

acts of violence,employee violence,threatening behavior,threats,violence,workplace violence,zero toleranceViolence Prevention Policy

Volunteer Leave – Volunteerism

The policy and procedures by which an employee can participate in volunteer leave.

benefits,human resources,leave,policy,volunteer,volunteerismVolunteer Leave – Volunteerism

Withdrawal Information

Information for undergraduate students about withdrawal from the University

enrollment services,honorable dismissal,medical withdrawal,registrar,request for withdrawal form,withdrawal,undergraduateWithdrawal Information

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