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This is the policies website for Seton Hall University.  It is the official repository for all University, divisional, school, college and departmental policies currently in effect.  Any policy found elsewhere, on-line or in print (including University handbooks and manuals), that is inconsistent with the official version of a policy found on this policies website, should be disregarded.  The most current version of a policy will be found on this website.

The University requires that all policies be promulgated in accordance with the applicable procedure, standards and format set forth in the Policy on Developing, Adopting and Promulgating University Policies.
As the University is continually developing and amending its policies, it is the affirmative obligation of every employee to be aware of these policies in their most current version and adhere to them.

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Parking Rules and Regulations
Password Policy, Standards and Guidelines
Performance Evaluation for Administrative Employees
Performance Appraisal for Bargaining Unit and Non-Bargaining Unit Support Staff
Permit Program for Hot Work
Personal Vehicle Use for Company Business
Phased Retirement Policy for Tenured Faculty at the South Orange Campus
Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
Policy on Naming Opportunities
Policy for Award of the Status of Professor Emeritus
Policy for Minors on Campus
Policy on Confidential Information
Policy on Developing, Adopting and Promulgating University Policies
Policy on Legal Defense and Indemnification of University Employees and Representatives
Policy on Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities
Policy on Service Animals
Policy on Smoke-Free Environment
Policy on Student Conduct
Policy on the Preparation, Review and Approval of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T
Preregistration and Registration
Principal Investigator's Handbook
Procedures for Promotion, Tenure, Sabbaticals
Public Computer Lab Guidelines
Public Lab Reservation Policy
Purchasing Policy and Procedure Overview
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