Standing Purchase Orders


 The purpose of this procedure is to define how and when to use standing purchase orders.

 This procedure applies to the use of all standing purchase orders.

 Standing purchase orders are to be used when the University will:

  1. Purchase repetitive, specified services or items, or categories of items, from the same vendor over periods of up to one year, or on a monthly basis. 
  2. Order standard materials or maintenance supplies which require numerous shipments.
  3. Obtain more favorable pricing through volume commitments.

Standing purchase orders generally should not be used when:

  1. No benefit will be derived over and above a regular purchase order.
  2. Quality of vendor or service is questionable.
  3. Control over University expenditures would be weakened significantly.

A standing purchase order is prepared using an Electronic Purchase Order Requisition (EPOR) or Purchase Order Requisition (POR) and shall include the following information:

  1. The period to be covered (not to exceed the fiscal year).
  2. Items and/or categories of items included.
  3. Maximum quantities, if any.
  4. Prices and pricing arrangements if known.
  5. Personnel authorized to order items off of the purchase order


Effective Date

March 31, 1997

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