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Seminary Library Overdue Policy


Overdue Policy
Overdue notices and statements of fines and fees are sent via e-mail on a regular basis to all patrons with Seton Hall e-mail addresses. You are responsible for checking your e-mail for these notices.

If after this four-week period the book(s) is not returned, it will be assumed lost:

  1. A statement will be sent for the lost book(s) for a charge of $50.00 per book.
  2. If the book(s) is returned and long overdue, a maximum fine of $40.00 per book will be charged.

Late Fees
There will be an overdue fee of 10¢ a day per book, $1.00 a day per video and DVD, and $1.00 a day per CD.

If the lost book(s) is in print, payment is for the cost of the book(s) and a $25.00 processing fee per book.

If the lost book(s) is(are) out of print, there will be a $50.00 flat fee per book.

This policy also covers audiotapes.

Effective Date

October 19, 2009

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