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Seton Hall University Policy on Sports Camps


I. Purpose
Division I colleges and universities generally permit their athletic coaches and appropriate employees within the athletics department to use their campus facilities for the operation of athletic camps for minor children.This opportunity provides these employees with an ability to earn additional income and thus assists universities in retaining coaching and staff employees by providing competitive compensation, albeit from external sources. Seton Hall University is Division 1 in the Big East and strives to be competitive in all areas, including staff recruitment, retention and job satisfaction.Thus, we are supportive of athletic camps and the many benefits that they offer.

In addition, these camps serve the public interest by providing facilities, on an appropriate basis, for the recreational training of children in athletic sports. These camps also promote student recruitment by introducing children to a university and its campus and staff at an impressionable age.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a standardized set of rules, regulations and processes for the operation of sports  camps on Seton Hall University ("Seton Hall" or the "University") property applicable to University coaches, employees and others for the participation and enjoyment by minor children.

II. Scope
This policy is a University policy and applies to all members of the Department of Athletics and Recreational Services and all outside organizations that are permitted to offer or sponsor sports camps or recreational programs at the University. 

III. Policy

  1. For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:
    1. "Coach" shall refer to any University coach, University employee or non-University individual or entity who owns and/or operates a camp.
    2. "University Coach" shall refer only to a University employed coach or University employee who owns and operates a camp.
    3. "Camp" shall refer to any athletic or sports program offered for leisure or recreation and not traditional academic credit.
  1. Any Coach who wishes to conduct a summer camp is required to execute and abide by the attached Camp Contract no later than October of the year during which the contemplated camp will be offered. Camp contracts for camps that are offered at other times of the year must be executed in advance of the camp.
  2. Every Coach shall require each camp attendee to execute the release attached to the Camp Contract and shall provide copies to the Athletic Director or his/her designee (referred to collectively as "the Athletic Director") and Compliance Officer prior to the camp attendee's participation in the camp.
  3. University Coaches shall form their own corporations to operate summer sports camp and to employ the University Coach, other University employees or other individuals who are not University employees.
  4. University employees who work at a University Coach's summer sports camp are governed by the following:
    1. Any University employee, including any University Coach, who wishes to engage in camp work or activity or perform camp-related services ("working at the camp") during the University's regular working hours of such employee, must obtain the prior written approval of his/her supervisor and the Athletic Director.
    2. If approved, a University employee's status, including that of University Coach, shall automatically convert from active employee to being on administrative leave with pay from the University while working at the camp.The individual employee shall record those hours of administrative leave with pay on his/her Seton Hall monthly timesheet.
    3. While working at the camp, a University employee (on paid administrative leave) shall be considered under the sole supervision of the University Coach as an employee of the University Coach's corporation and not of the University and the University Coach and his/her corporation shall be responsible and liable for any claims brought against any University employee (on paid administrative leave) arising from such work at the camp.
    4. Any claims by or against a University employee (on paid administrative leave), including the University Coach, that arise from his/her working at the camp shall be submitted to the camp insurance carriers provided by the University Coach.
  1. All Coaches shall ensure that all camp employees, including any University employees (on paid administrative leave), attend "Virtus--Protecting God's Children" training prior to the first camp session. All employees shall provide proof of attendance to Coach, who shall provide copies to the Athletic Director  and Human Resources prior to the first camp session.All Coaches shall attend as well and supply the required proof of attendance. Annual, or more frequent attendance, following the first training session is not required unless directed by the Archdiocese of Newark.
  2. All camp employees, including all Coaches and University employees (on paid administrative leave), shall be subject to all applicable University policies and shall undergo a preemployment background check in accordance with University policy.The University will bear the cost of the background check for University Coaches and University employees (on paid administrative leave).
  3. All Coaches and their corporations shall be responsible for the salaries and related employment expenses, taxes and the like, of all camp employees.All Coaches and their corporation shall be responsible and liable for any claims brought against any camp employee, including University employees (on paid administrative leave) employed by a University Coach, arising from the performance of camp-related services.All Coaches and their corporations must defend, indemnify and hold harmless Seton Hall and its regents, trustees, officers and employees from and against any and all claims, liabilities and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys' fees, relating to personal injury or property damage, to the extent arising out of or in connection with the camp and/or camp activities.
  4. Each Coach shall identify all University facilities and equipment s/he seeks to use in connection with a camp, such as fields, pool, etc., and be responsible for making all arrangements to ensure that the University facilities and equipment are available during the camp sessions.Each Coach shall execute the appropriate permission to use agreement in order to use University facilities.Each Coach shall be responsible for supplying all consumables needed by the camp, such as sports drinks.
  5. While the University will make every reasonable effort to accommodate all legitimate activities of a camp, University sponsored programs will take priority over camp activities in cases of conflict over the facilities.
  6. Insurance:
    1. Each Coach shall be responsible for obtaining insurance, including but not limited to, general liability, workers compensation, employer's liability, sports injury, property damage and sexual abuse/molestation, from financially secure insurers with a rating and in the amounts determined by the University.
    2. The University shall be named as an additional named insured under the camp's insurance policies and the insurance coverage provided to the University as an additional named insured shall be primary and non-contributory.
    3. Each Coach shall provide a copy of the certificate of insurance to the Athletics Director  and Human Resources no later than one week prior to the start of the camp. If the insurance is canceled for any reason, Coach shall immediately notify the Athletics Director and Human Resources and the University reserves the right to terminate Coach's Camp Contract in that event.
    4. The University's Compliance Officer may assist a University Coach in obtaining coverage by referring Coach to appropriate insurance carriers or brokers which offer the insurance required herein.
  7. Promotional and other documents
    1. Since each Coach is operating the camp through his/her own corporation, independent of Seton Hall University, each Coach shall include the following, in bold print, in all promotional and contractual documents:"This camp is owned and operated by Coach (insert name of Coach), (insert SHU title, if applicable).Seton Hall University allows the camp to use its athletic facilities and equipment.The camp, not Seton Hall, is responsible and liable for all of the camp activities."
    2. University letterhead stationery shall not be used in connection with a camp.
    3. Promotional and other camp-related materials shall direct the caller to the camp's telephone number or Coach's direct telephone line only.
    4. Coach shall be responsible for the costs and expenses related to promotional and other camp-related materials.
    5. The University's athletic marks may be used in promotional and camp-related materials.
    6. All promotional and camp-related materials shall be subject to the University's prior written approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  8. Each Coach shall maintain a complete set of business records, including but not limited to financial statements, list of attendees with contact information, list of staff personnel, including University employees (on paid administrative leave) working at the camp and such other records as reasonably and customarily maintained by camps in the ordinary course of business for a period of three (3) years from the last day of camp.The University shall have the right to inspect and copy the books and records of a University Coach with respect to the camp program.
  9. Each University Coach shall submit a complete report and accounting of camp operations no later than 20 days after the conclusion of the last camp session to the Athletic Director.
  10. Each Coach shall contract separately with the University for use of the residence halls for campers, if needed. Supervision in residence halls shall be the responsibility of each Coach and shall be in accordance with University policies and any other rules, regulations and laws that apply to minors.
  11. Each Coach shall contract separately with Gourmet Dining Services for provision of food service for campers and camp personnel.
  12. Each Coach shall be responsible for making arrangements with University Public Safety and Security to provide traffic control and other assistance as appropriate during each camp session.
  13. University vehicles shall not be used for camp operations, except that the "golf carts" may be used to transport equipment and supplies, such as water coolers, to and from the fields. Approval to operate shall be in accordance with University policy.In no event shall a camper be permitted to ride in a golf cart.
  14. In consideration for the use of University facilities and other services, each University Coach shall pay to the University a usage fee determined by the University annually which is to be paid no later than ten (10) days after receipt of an invoice from the University following the close of the last camp session.
  15. The University may suspend or terminate a Coach's operation of a camp in future years should Coach fail to pay the University the camp fee by the date agreed upon, violate any provision of this Policy or any other University policy or otherwise breach any material term of his/her Camp Contract.
  16. Each Coach shall operate the camp in a safe and secure manner and shall comply with the governing rules of the NCAA, all University policies and procedures and all state and federal laws and regulations.
  17. No Coach shall discriminate against any person or group of persons on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
  18. Each Coach shall adhere to the dispute resolution mechanism set forth in the Camp Contract.
  19. Unless expressly allowed by this policy or a Coach's individual Camp Contract, no other use of University facilities, equipment, supplies or personnel is permitted.
  20. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this policy shall govern outside organizations that are permitted to offer or sponsor sports or recreational camps at the University.

IV. Responsible Offices

Athletic Director

V. Related Policies

Background Investigations

VI. Approved

Approved by Monsignor Sheeran and the Executive Cabinet on October 15, 2009
Promulgated by Monsignor Sheeran on October 15, 2009

VII. Effective Date

October 15, 2009.

Effective Date

October 15, 2009

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