University Assessment

University Assessment 

Co-Curricular Initiatives: Alumni Relations

In the Fall of 2009, SHU conducted a comprehensive survey of alumni in conjunction with the PEG Group. A total of 13,112 surveys were distributed, and we receive 1,628 responses. The Office of Alumni Relations has analyzed the data, and by building on current initiatives and adding additional ones, they are addressing the needs and interests identified by the alumni. They have identified three key areas of alumni engagement; some of these goals have been achieved or are ongoing, and others are planned.

  • Reviewed communication channels and implemented analytical tools to measure effectiveness
    • Began utilizing Coremetrics to monitor Web traffic in response to marketing campaigns.
    • Began utilizing new email server (Blackbaud NetCommunity) to increase ability to measure success of email marketing campaigns.
  • Assigned alumni staffer with communications responsibilities
  • Produced “Give Back, Get Back” volunteer recruitment brochure
  • Identified improved information about the benefits of being an alumnus
  • Created FY 2011 Annual Report to be shared with alumni. This piece serves both as a standard report and also highlights opportunities for engagement.
  • Created more opportunities for alumni to understand the importance of their philanthropy
  • Provided information to alumni about the Seton Hall Fund
  • Enhanced online giving avenues through Netcommunity online giving
  • Educated alumni about career services offered
    • Currently utilizing social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to educate alumni about career services, job posting database and other resources.
  • Solicited and responded to alumni opinions; build upon the initial survey
    • “Young Alumni Survey” completed in August 2011 to gauge the interests of graduates of the past ten years in future programming.

  • Developed and marketed a volunteer management program Alumni Attitude Survey Executive Summary November 1, 2010
  • Built affinity groups to promote alumni networking
    • 8 new Alumni Clubs created (with more in progress) to cater to alumni with specific interests.
  • Partnered with Admissions to involve alumni in student recruitment
  • Created Young Alumni programming to complement Student Alumni programs
    • Young Alumni Club formed in spring 2011.

Regional Chapters
  • Build a national alumni network; Create alumni chapters
  • Take Seton Hall “on the road” through events and social network tools

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