University Assessment

University Assessment 

Co-Curricular Initiatives: Community Development

Community Development provides a wide range of programs and services that enhance the experience of Seton Hall students.  The department oversees student clubs and organizations, provides leadership opportunities, manages the University Center, and administers Community Standards.  We strive to monitor usage, satisfaction and outcomes for these diverse areas.  Recent assessment initiatives include surveys on the following topics:

  • Administered satisfaction and outcomes surveys of new freshmen for both the Pirate Adventure and Orientation Weekend programs. Each year, the data from the Pirate Adventure survey is analyzed, and a report is shared with the planning committee for the event. At this point, we have four years of data and so we are able to discern trends that have allowed us to make evidence-based decisions on programming. In addition, by surveying students right after their attendance, we are able to identify and resolve any issues that a new student might have with registration.

  • Conducted a survey of student alcohol use. Drinking behavior is tracked every year through a number of data sources. This type of data has helped to drive the recent decision to create a new position to coordinate prevention initiatives. Going forward, the same data will help to document the effectiveness of this programming.

  • Surveyed student satisfaction levels with SAB programming throughout the academic year, and participated in a national benchmarking project on student activities. Surveys of student satisfaction with programming are a regular part of our assessment agenda. Over the last few years, these assessment projects have allowed us to document the effectiveness of the new student activities fee, and they also help to drive decisions about the types, timing and number of programs offered. In addition, data from the surveys have been useful for marketing events. For example, we are able to state in marketing materials that a majority of students have asked for or enjoyed a certain event that we are offering. We are in the process of analyzing the data from the benchmarking survey. We are hoping that, by comparing our data to those of other institutions, we can identify both areas of strength, and opportunities for further development.

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