University Assessment

University Assessment 

Co-Curricular Initiatives: Housing & Residence Life

The Department of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) provides housing related services and also creates living learning environments within the residence halls which promote academic success, personal and spiritual development and foster opportunities for students to develop as student leaders and global citizens. In order to ensure continual improvement in our programs and services, HRL conducts a variety of assessment measures on an annual basis:

The results from the annual Educational Benchmarking Incorporated (EBI) survey are used both internally to ensure continual improvement as well as shared institutionally with a variety of offices to enhance satisfaction with the student experience. These offices include Community Development, IT, Business Affairs, Dining Services and Institutional Research. Data is shared with the associate deans of each school or college which is specific to their students.

Each year we ask students to report the number of weekends per month they remain on campus, knowing remaining on campus is connected to satisfaction and retention.   In the 2010- 2011 survey 56.7% of residents reported remaining on campus regularly on weekends with 41.6% being satisfied with weekend programming.

Based on that data, we have modified our programming model to include weekend requirements for Resident Assistants and have been pleased to see not only increases in the number of students remaining on campus for weekends, but also in  their satisfaction with our weekend programming. Our 2013-2014 survey showed 74.6% of students reported staying on campus 3 or more weekends a month and 52.8% reported being moderately to highly satisfied with weekend programming.

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