Program Directors
Office of the Provost

College of Arts and Sciences

Art Program, Chair
Professor Lauren Schiller
ext. 6467
Asian Studies, Graduate Program
Dr. Shigeru Osuka, Director
ext. 2712
Biological Sciences, Graduate Program
Dr. Carroll Rawn, Director
ext. 9044
Brownson Debate Team
Professor Catherine Zizik, Director
ext. 9759
Catholic Studies
Msgr. Richard Liddy, Director
ext. 2175
Center for Africana and Diaspora Studies
Dr. Kwame Akonor, Director
ext. 2524
Center for Applied Catalysis
Dr. Robert Augustine. Director
ext. 9033
Center for Community Research and Engagement
Dr. Roseanne Mirabella, Executive Director
ext. 5882
Center for Computational Research
Dr. Cecilia Marzabadi, Director
ext. 9032
Center for Pharmaceutical Laboratory Compliance
Dr. Nicholas Snow, Director
ext. 9414
Center for Public Service
Dr. Naomi Wish, Director
ext. 9501
Chemistry, Graduate Program
Dr. Stephen Kelty, Director
ext. 9784
Classical Concert Series  Dr. Dena Levine, Director ext. 2450
Criminal Justice Program
Dr. Joel Sperber, Director
ext. 9108
Data Visualization and AnalysisDr. Manfred Minimair, Director
ext. 9466
Developmental Math Program
Professor Wendiann Sethi, Director
ext. 9765
Elizabeth Ann Seton Center for Women's Studies
Dr. Marta Deyrup, Director
ext. 2223
English, Graduate Program
Dr. Angela Weisl, Director
ext. 5889
Environmental Studies
Dr. Judith Stark, Director
ext. 9473
Gerontology Dr. Emma Quartaro, Director
ext. 9471
Health Professions/Pre-Med Pre-Dent Program
Dr. Robert Moldow, Director
ext. 9053
History, Graduate Program
Dr. Dermot Quinn, Director
ext. 2774
Honors Program
Dr. Peter Ahr, Director
ext. 9741
Institute for Judaeo-Chistian Studies
Fr. Lawrence Frizzell, Director
ext. 9715
Institute for Museum Ethics
Dr. Janet Marstine, Director
ext. 2908
Institute for Neuro-Immune Pharmacology
Dr. Sulie Chang, Director
ext. 9456
Introductory and Intermediate Spanish Program
Professor Jorge Lopez-Cortina, Director
ext. 2719
Italian Studies Program
Dr. David Beneteau, Director
ext. 2718
Jazz 'n the Hall
Dr. Gloria Thurmond, Director
ext. 2746
Jewish-Christian Studies, Graduate Program
Rev. Lawrence Frizzell, Chair
Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute
Dr. Ileana Rodriguez, Director ext. 9422
Liberal Studies
Dr. Mark Couch, Director
ext. 5183
Multi-Cultural Program
Dr. Christopher Sharrett, Director
ext. 2792
Museum Professions, Graduate Program
Dr. Petra Chu, Director
ext. 9460
Music Program, Chair
Dr. Dena Levine
ext. 2450
Nonprofit Sector Resource Institute
Mr. Barley Calkins, Director
ext. 9734
Poetry-in-the-Round Dr. John Wargacki, Director
ext 5105
Pre-Arts (PART)
Dr. Patrice Thoms-Capello, Advisor
ext. 5101
Pre-Legal Advisement
Dr. Robert Pallitto, Director
ext. 9303
Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program
Dr. Hasani Carter, Director
ext. 9648
Project Acceleration
Mr. Peter Hynes, Coordinator
ext. 9224
Pre-Science (PSCI)
Dr. Michael Yurko, Advisor
ext. 7739
Psychology, Graduate Program
Dr. Janine Buckner, Director
ext. 2708
Public and Healthcare Administration, Graduate Programs
Dr. Matthew Hale, Chair
ext. 9510
Russian and East European Studies
Dr. Maxim Matusevich, Director
ext. 9386
Ruth Sharkey Academic Resource Center
Mr. Peter Hynes, Director
ext. 2352
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Philip Kayal, Director
ext. 5814
Seton Center for Community Health
Dr. Anne Hewitt, Director
ext. 2070
Seton Hall Arts Council
Ms. Susan Kilduff, Coordinator
ext. 6338
Seton Hall Theatre
Professor Peter Reader, Director
ext. 9474
Sister Rose Thering Endowment for Jewish-Christian Studies
Dr. David Bossman, Director
ext. 9006
Strategic Communication, Graduate Program
Dr. Richard Dool
Writing Center
Dr. Kelly Shea, Director
ext. 2183
WSOU-FM Mr. Mark Maben, General Manager
ext. 9520

Stillman School of Business

Institute for International Business
Dr. Laurence McCarthy, Director
ext. 2957
Division of Research and Teaching
Dr. Viswa Viswanathan, Director
ext. 9716
Graduate Programs in Accounting
Dr. David Mest, Director
ext. 2961
Sharkey Sports Polling Institute
Professor Richard Gentile, Director
ext. 6201
Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Professor Susan Scherreik, Director
ext. 2251
Center for Leadership Development
Professor Michael M. Reuter, Director
ext. 2528
Center for Securities Trading and Analysis
Professor Elven Riley, Director
ext. 9125
Center for Sport Management
 Dr. Ann Mayo, Director ext. 9707

College of Nursing

Behavioral Sciences, Community and Health Systems
Dr. Gloria Essoka, Chair
ext. 9742
Adult Health Nursing
Dr. Phyllis Russo, Chair
ext. 9275
Family Nursing
Dr. Gloria Essoka, Chair
ext. 9742
Adult Nurse Practitioner Program
Dr. Catherine Cassidy, Director
ext. 9305
Gerontological Nurse Program
Dr. Catherine Cassidy, Director
ext. 9035
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program
Dr. Jane Dellert, Director
ext. 9283
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program
Dr. Catherine Cassidy, Director
ext. 9305
RN to BSN Program
Dr. Kathleen Sternas, Director
ext. 2154
Nursing Administration/Nursing Case Mgmt. Program
Dr. Jamesetta Boyce, Director
ext. 9289
Nursing Education Program
Dr. Jean Rubino, Director
ext. 9228
School Nursing Program
Dr. Marie Foley, Director
ext. 9282

College of Education and Human Services

Department of Educational Studies
Educational Studies
Dr. Joseph Martinelli, Chair
ext. 2733
Elementary and Special Education
Dr. Alisa Hindin, Co-Director
Dr. Mary Mueller, Co-Director
ext. 9391
ext. 2729
Secondary Education
Dr. Daniel S. Katz
ext. 2724
Professional Development Program
Dr. Rosemary Skeele, Director
ext. 9393
Educational Partners in Catholic School (EPICS)
Msgr. (Dr.) Kevin Hanbury, Director
ext. 9390
Department of Education Leadership, Management and Policy
Police/Probation Program
Msgr. (Dr.) Christopher Hynes, Director
ext. 923
Exec. Ed.D. in Educational Admin. Program
Dr. James Caulfield, Director
ext. 2728
Catholic School Leadership Program
Msgr. (Dr.) Kevin Hanbury, Director
ext. 2735
Higher Education
Dr. Joseph Stetar
ext. 2730
K-12 Traditional Program
Dr. Daniel Gutmore
ext. 2853
Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy
Marriage and Family Therapy Program M.S./Ed.S./Ph.D. (admissions currently suspended)
Dr. Robert Massey, Director
ext. 9591
School and Community Psychology Program
Mr. Thomas Massarelli, Director
ext. 6129
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program
Dr. Laura Palmer, Director
ext. 9451
Counseling MA/Ed.S. in Professional Counseling Campus Program
Dr. Margaret Farrelly, Director
ext. 2739
Counseling MA/Ed.S. in Professional Counseling License Online
Dr. John Smith, Director
ext. 9449
Psychological Studies Program
Dr. Sandra Lee, Director
ext. 2734
Special Projects and Operations
Institute for Education, Leadership, Research and Renewal
Dr. Michael Osnato
ext. 6334
NJ State Police Graduate Studies Program (Off Campus)
Msgr. (Dr.) Christopher Hynes, Director
ext. 9223

School of Theology

Director of Development
Catherine A. Cunning, M.A.
ext. 2661
Coordinator of English as a Second Language (ESL) Program
Sr. B. Phyllis Kapuscinski, N.D.S., Ph.D.
ext. 2863
Director of Formation
Rev. Robert K. Suszko, M.B.A., M.Div.
ext. 9552
Director of Liturgy
Rev. Msgr. Anthony J. Kulig, K.H.S., M.A.
ext. 2048
Director of Music
John D. Nowik, M.M.
ext. 9069
Director of Pastoral Formation
Rev. Donald E. Blumenfeld, Ph.D.
ext. 2021
Director of Counseling Services
Olivia Dinnean, L.C.S.W., M.S.W.
ext. 2041
Director of the Seminary Library
Rev. Lawrence B. Porter, K.H.S., Ph.D.
ext. 9017
Spiritual Director
Rev. Msgr. Gerard H. McCarren, S.T.D.
ext. 2111

School of Health and Medical Sciences 

Residency and Fellowship Program Directors
AOA Internship/Internal Medicine
Dr. Stephen Abo, Director
ext. 2800
Biomedical Ethics
Dr. John Mitchell, Chair
ext. 2917
Cardiology Program
Dr. Fayez Shamoon, Director
ext. 2800
Clinical Neurophysiology
Dr. Sudhansu Chokroverty, Director
ext. 2800
Critical Care Program
Dr. Marc Adelman, Director
ext. 2800
Dentistry Dr. Dao Cao, Director
ext. 2800
Emergency Medicine
Dr. Greg Sorkin, Director
ext. 2800
Gastroenterology Dr. Walid Baddoura, Director
ext. 2800
Hematology/Oncology Dr. Michael Maroules, Director
ext. 2800
Infectious Diseases
Dr. Jihad Slim, Acting Director
ext. 2800
Internal Medicine - St. Francis
Dr. Dennis Cleri, Director
ext. 2800
Internal Medicine - St. Michael's
Dr. Ernest Federici, Director
ext. 2800
Internal Medicine - Trinitas
Dr. Ernest Federici, Director
ext. 2800
Interventional Cardiology
Dr. Fayez Shamoon
ext. 2800
Neurology Dr. Philip Hanna, Director
ext. 2800
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Hillel Ephros, Director
ext. 2800
Orthopaedic Surgery/Sports Medicine
Dr. Vincent McInerney, Director
ext. 2800
Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Corinne Chahine, Director
ext. 2800
Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Dr. Ann Marie Palaginano, Director
ext. 2800
Psychiatry Dr. Purabi Bharatiya
ext. 2800
Pulmonary Disease
Dr. M. Anees Khan, Director
ext. 2800
Sleep Medicine
Dr. Sudhansu Chokroverty, Director
ext. 2800

Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations

Center for Global Health Studies
Dr. Yanzhong Huang, Director
ext. 2815
Diplomacy and International Relations, undergraduate and graduate program
Dr. Assefaw Bariagaber, Chair
ext. 2877

Online Program Directors

Strategic Communication Leadership
Professor Catherine Zizik
ext. 9759
Healthcare Administration
Dr. Anne Hewitt
ext. 2070
Counseling Dr. John Smith
ext. 9449
Educational Administration and Supervision
Dr. Charles Mitchel
ext. 9397
BSN for Registered Nurses and MSN Program
Dr. Catherine Cassidy
ext. 9305

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