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University Center Posting Guidelines


The University Center welcomes promotion of events, activities, and services through advertisement and posting within the building.  The following policy is designed to assist with this while maintaining the building aesthetic and maintenance.

Any University department, school, or recognized student organization may post flyers/posters within the University Center as follows:

  • On the bulletin boards located on the lower level (next to the elevator) or the first floor (near the Living Room).
  • Within the plastic case for posters.  Such posters must be appropriately sized.
  • On portable stands and easels available on a first come basis at the Student Activities Office. Stands and easels are generally used for directional purposes and must be located so as to not block or hinder traffic flow.
  • Banners (limited in size) in specified locations, which must be reserved (maximum for one week) with the Student Activities Office.

Prohibited Postings

  • Absolutely no poster/flyer/decoration may be placed on any painted or varnished surface, this includes doors.
  • Absolutely no poster/flyer/decoration may be placed on any window or glass surface.
  • Any posting with content that is objectionable, offensive, or in conflict with the University’s mission.  Such posting will be removed and referred for appropriate action.
  • Any posting in conflict with above regulations.

Any individual or external agency, vendor, etc. may post flyers/posters with the University Center ONLY after receiving approval from the Student Activities Office.  Such approval will be designated by a stamp issued by the Student Activities Office.  After approval, posting must follow the same policy as above.

Any posted item which is time sensitive must be removed by the responsible party within 48 hours of the end of the event/promotion.  If the responsible party does not remove the item, the University Center staff will and the item will be disposed.

Any posted item which does not follow the above policy will be immediately removed by the University Center staff.  The responsible party will be charged for any damage caused by improper posting (i.e. damaged paint or wall).  Repeated violation of this policy will result in loss of posting privileges.

ALL sponsors must contact Public Safety 10 days prior to the event to review details and special needs. Under no circumstances can an event holder provide their own Security. All Security is handled through the Department of Public Safety. You may contact the Department of Public Safety at (973) 761-9328. 

Fire Safety Requirements

  • Do not block marked fire exits.
  • Upon activation of a fire alarm immediate evacuation to the closest exit is required.
  • The use of the elevators is prohibited during an alarm.
  • Once outside the building, everyone must proceed to the assembly area and wait there until an "all-clear" is given by the Fire Department.

Parking Services
For parking arrangements, please contact Parking Services directly at (973) 761-9329. 

All food requests must be ordered through Gourmet Dining Services at (973) 761-9559. 

Please note that if helium balloons are to be used, helium tanks are not permitted on campus, so therefore the balloons MUST be filled prior to being brought to Seton Hall University.

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