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Army ROTC is a leadership program that allows cadets to both attend college as a regular student, and train to commission as an Officer in the US Army upon graduation. A number of opportunities are available to prospective cadets joining the program, and there are a number of different schools a cadet can be a full-time student at and still receive a full scholarship from the Army. Whether you're in high school, college or already in the Army, there is a way you can become an Officer in today's Army. Read more >>

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  • 3-7, 10-14 August - ROTC New Cadet Enrollment – New cadets call the ROTC office at (973) 761-9446 to confirm an appointment to begin the ROTC enrollment process.
  • 17-21 August - Pirate Battalion Leaders Week – Preparation for returning cadets in their new roles as the cadet battalion leadership for the 2015-2016 academic year.
  • 24-28 August - New Cadet Orientation (NCO) Week. An introduction to the ROTC program for new cadets entering the Pirate Battalion to introduce them to the Army’s customs, courtesies and values. Parents are invited to attend the Welcome Brief on Tuesday, August 25, in the McNulty Amphitheater at 10:00 a.m.

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