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  • Accounts Payable Services

  • The Procurement Department is responsible for processing all SHU invoices, check requests, expense reports, etc.

accounts,accounts payable,check requests,expense reports,invoices,procurement
  • Ask A Librarian

  • Online reference service is available only to currently enrolled students, SHU faculty, and Admin/Staff.

Librarian,ask,ask a librarian,libraries,library,service
  • Campus Area Safety Escort (CASE) Van Service

  • The Department of Public Safety provides one way service from campus to destinations with a half-mile radius of campus, available now between the hours of 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. daily.

Van,escort,off-campus,public safety,safety,security,safe ride
  • Credit Card Services

  • The Procurement Department is responsible for managing the University's Chase and AMEX credit card programs.

AMEX,American Express,chase,credit cards,procurement
  • Dining Services

  • Dining services at the University is provided by Gourmet Dining Services and is located in the Bishop Dougherty University Center.

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  • Direct Deposit

  • Direct deposit is a service offered by the University providing employees with the convenience of having their paycheck deposited directly into a checking or savings account of their choice.

direct deposit,hr,human resources,payroll
  • Display Board

  • Instructions for requesting messages to be posted on the University Center Display Board outside the Bishop Dougherty University Center.

community development,display display board,dougherty,electronic board,student affairs,university center

health services,Crisis Intervention,after hours,counseling,emergency,immediate care
  • Healthcare Services Provided

  • All registered and matriculated students (residential and commuters) are entitled to receive care at Health Services. Learn more about general services and pharmacy prices.

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  • Language Placement Testing

  • Information about foreign language placement tests for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin, and Japanese.

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  • Mailing Label/List Guidelines is provided as a resource to departments, employees and officially recognized University groups or organizations for obtaining employee mailing labels/lists for officially authorized Seton Hall University business.

Resources,hr,human resources,lists,mail,mailing labels

Counseling Services,counseling,mental health,mental health questionnaires,mental health screens,online screenings,screens
  • Parking Permits

  • Anyone wishing to park their vehicle on the South Orange campus must display a valid parking permit at all times.

disability,handicapped,parking,parking lots,parking permits,permits,traffic
  • Pirate's Gold

  • Add cash to your (or your child's) Pirate's Gold account.

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3n,call,crisis,e-mail,email,emergency,notice,notification,phone,piratealert,service,sms,telephone,text,text message
  • Purchasing Services

  • The Procurement Department is responsible for processing all SHU Purchase Orders (POs).

procurement,purchase,purchase orders,purchasing
  • Security Escort Services

  • Public Safety provides emergency 24 hour Escort Services within the confines of the main campus.

campus safety,division of student affairs and enrollment services,escorts,public safety,public safety and security,security escorts,student affairs
  • SHUFLY Shuttle Service

  • SHUFLY is the Seton Hall University shuttle service which runs until 2 a.m. Monday through Wednesday and until 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

SHUFLY,parking services,shuttle service
  • Student Employment

  • There are student employment opportunities available for both undergraduate and graduate looking for on campus employment.

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HRL,conferences,housing,housing and residence life,intern housing,life,office,rental,residence,space,summer
  • Ticket Office Services

  • The University Center Ticket Office is operated by the Department of Community Development for selling and distributing tickets for all approved events.

community development,event tickets,student affairs,ticket office,ticket sales,tickets,university center

enrollment services,office of the registrar,registrar,transcript,transcript office,transcript request
  • Tutors in Residence

  • A guide to the Tutors in Residence (TIR) service for undergraduate students.

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  • ULife Line

  • ULife Line is an online resource for those interested in learning more about mental health issues affecting college students

Health Services,college students,mental health,student affairs,student affairs and enrollment services,ulife line

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