Office of Student Employment

Hiring a Student


Hiring a Student in 4 Easy Steps

Graduate and Undergraduate students are eligible to participate in the Student Employment program after deemed eligible.All positions must be approved by the Student Employment Office regarding before they can be filled.

  1. Review

  • Federal vs. Department Funded
  • I-9 Regulations - Must be completed before students should be allowed to begin working! Students that begin working prior to authorization from the Student Employment Office will be charged to the department's budget. Violation of this policy will result in the loss of the privilege of having FWS students for the department.
  • Time Sheet Process and Schedule
  • Supervisor guidelines

  1. Post & Review

  1. Interview

  • Review responsibilities and position expectations.
  • Explain all aspects of the position and ask if there are questions.

  1. Hire

  • Confirm student’s acceptance of the position.
  • Advise the student to complete the I-9 form if he/she has never worked on campus.
  • Complete hiring proposal and submit electronically to Student Employment for processing.
  • View the status of the hiring proposal via PeopleAdmin
  • Give student a copy of the position description and time sheet schedule.
  • Verify work hours with the student.
  • Complete confidentiality agreement with student (optional).

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Office of Student Employment
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