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Introduction to University's Community Standards


As a Catholic university, Seton Hall is dedicated to manifesting the truth that human persons are unique individuals, endowed with inherent dignity.  We also believe that the human person is inherently social, and so we are called to form a community that is built on mutual respect, and the correlation of rights and responsibilities.

In order to fulfill this purpose, a set of Community Standards is necessary.  These Community Standards reflect the values of our community and set forth a code of conduct for all students.  These Community Standards also define clear behavioral expectations that help to ensure an orderly educational environment and encourage free inquiry and expression.  However, it is important to bear in mind that a code of conduct is normally framed in negative terms – that is, it describes behaviors that are not acceptable.  As such, it can only be taken to embody minimum standards of behavior.  The University encourages all students to embrace a commitment to ethical behavior that is positive, open-ended, and reflective of our mission as a Catholic university.

The Community Standards also outline the process for addressing reported violations of our community standards.  This process is rooted in the fundamental concepts of fairness to, and respect for, each person who participates in it.  The goal is to provide a forum for the unbiased pursuit of truth in matters of dispute, and for the creative resolution of conflicts.  Situations in which one or more students have violated the rights of others will involve the application of sanctions.  However, with the acceptance of responsibility, this community always holds out the possibility of restitution and healing.   The point of sanctions is not simply deterrence and punishment, but rather the protection of the community and its values, as well as the education and reformation of those who have failed to live up to those standards and values.

As a Catholic institution of higher education we are committed to the inherent dignity and respect of each person and the needs of a community of learners.  These Community Standards are a resource, created by this community, to assist in maintaining a social environment where all our members can flourish and grow intellectually, spiritually and socially.

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