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Division Policies and Procedures

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1.8 GPA Requirement Policy
Request form for exception to the 1.8 GPA requirement to remain in housing.
Authorized Search Policy
Authorization procedures for conducting a search.
Bicycle Policy
Seton Hall University promotes the use of bicycles as an alternative means of transportation supporting the University’s goals for a more sustainab...
Class Absence Notification Policy
Each professor sets the attendance policy for his/her class. Students should refer to the course syllabus to know the absence policy for each class.
Collection of Personal Contact Data for Emergency Notification System
Learn about the policy for safeguarding personal information with the University's emergency notification system.
Community Standards Record Retention
Policy for the retention of documents maintained in the student's discipline files.
Curriculum Modification Policy
Seton Hall's curriculum modification policy and procedures for students with disabilities.
Deferments of Tuition & Fees and Disbursement of Aid
Deferments of tuition & fees and disbursement of aid.
Dependent vs. Independent Students
Comparing dependent and Independent student status
Disability Support Services (DSS) Appeal Policy and Procedures
Policy and procedures for filing an appeal regarding DSS accommodations.
Emergency Preparedness Guide and Procedures
Emergency Preparedness Guide and Procedures provided by the Office of Disability Support Services.
Fire Safety Program
The University Fire Safety Program is coordinated by the Department of Public Safety & Security (PS&S).
Fire Safety
Rationale, Regulations and Resources regarding Fire Safety for Seton Hall University Housing Facilities
Flag Policy, University Center
Regulations for displaying the American Flag and the SHU Flag on campus.
Good Samaritan Policy
Student health and safety are fundamental to our community. Whenever there is concern for another student or belief that assistance is needed, stu...
Financial Aid for Graduate Students
Graduate student financial aid.
Guest and Visitation Policies and Procedures
A summary of policies and procedures for resident students hosting guests in the halls.
Health and Safety Inspections
To ensure safety of the entire residential hall community, all residence hall rooms will be inspected monthly for Health and Safety compliance.
Late Drops and Withdrawals
The following information is provided to give you an overview of the policies on Refunds and Return of Title IV funds.
Missing Resident Student Notification Policy
In compliance with the Higher Education Reauthorization Act of 2008, the purpose of this policy is to provide the procedures for reporting, investi...
Non-Hazing Policy
Seton Hall University does not condone and never has condoned or supported the practice of hazing. Hazing is contrary to the principles upon which ...
Parking Rules and Regulations
The Office of Parking Services is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of all University parking lots.
Policy on Service Animals
Seton Hall's policy on service animals for students with disabilities.
Policy on Student Conduct
Policy on the conduct of students with disabilities.
Residence Hall Alcohol Policy
Policies regarding use of alcohol in University Housing.
SHU Direct Loan Process
Process for getting a Direct Loan to finance your education at SHU.
Statement on Students with Disabilities
Students who have a physical, medical, learning or psychiatric disability, either temporary or permanent, may be eligible for reasonable accommodat...
Student Protest Policy
Student Protest Policy. This policy outlines the expectations for, and obligations of, any student planning or holding a protest or other public de...
Sexual Assault and Misconduct Policy
Policy on Sexual Assault and misconduct
Temporary Disabilities and Pregnancy
Policy on temporary disability and pregnancy
Wait List Process
Housing Wait List Process
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