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Parking and Transportation

Parking on campus

  • Anyone who parks his/her vehicle on the South Orange campus MUST properly display a valid parking permit at all times.
  • Obtain a parking permit online through your Bursar account.Access your Bursar account by signing into PirateNet .

SHUFLY Service

  • SHUFLY is a shuttle service which stops at multiple locations on the Seton Hall campus and in the town of South Orange.
  • SHUFLY is free for all residential students; otherwise the fare is $1 and can only be paid through Pirate's Gold.
  • SHUFLY Route
  • Hours of Operation

NJ Transit Discount

  • The South Orange train station for NJ Transit is less than one mile away from Seton Hall University's campus.
  • NJ Transit offers a 25% off discount on monthly passes to full time students at Seton Hall University.
  • To obtain a discounted monthly pass, sign into PirateNet and use the link provided on the Profile and Finances page.

Public Safety and Security

  • Contact: (973) 761-9328
    SHU SafeRide
  • SafeRide provides free transportation for students travelling off campus to locations in the immediate vicinity of the campus which SHUFLY does not stop at.
  • Hours of Operation


  • PirateAlert is an emergency notification system used to notify the SHU community of public safety emergencies, serious crimes which occurred on campus or nearby, and emergency campus closings.
  • PirateAlert notifications arrive as e-mails, phone calls, or text messages.
  • Students and employees of SHU are automatically in the PirateAlert system and will receive e-mails and text messages based on the information provided in Banner.To change your settings, visit PirateNet.

Security Escort Services

  • All members of the SHU community can use the Public Safety 24 hour escort service on campus.
  • Click here for all building hours on campus.

Campus ID Office

  • Location: Duffy Hall room 63
  • Contact:(973) 761-9771

A SHU ID is used for the following purposes:

  • Personal identification
  • Access to campus buildings
  • Meal plan
  • Pirate's Gold purchases
  • Recreation Center access
  • Access to campus events
  • Printing
    Visit the Campus ID Office to obtain your ID card.

Pirate's Gold

  • Pirate's Gold is a money management system linked to your SHU ID card.
  • Students can deposit money onto their ID card through their Bursar accounts.
  • Pirate's Gold functions like a debit card.It can be used as payment on campus and at some participating locations off campus.

Academic Resource Center

Career Center

Counseling and Psychological Services Center (CAPS)

Location: Mooney Hall, 2nd floor
Contact: (973) 761-9500

Individual and Group Therapy

Outreach Programming

  • CAPS offers several outreach services, including consultation, referrals, training, participation in community events, and educational programs for a variety of mental health issues.
  • Visit their website for more information.

Disability Support Services

  • Location: Duffy Hall room 67
    Contact: (973) 313-6003
    DSS offers a wide range of services, including exam accommodations and parking.
    Visit their website for
    more information.

Health Services

  • Location: 303 Centre Street
    Contact: (973) 761-9175
    Hours of Operation
    Student Health Form

    Services provided: Allergy desensitization injections, dermatology, general primary care, health education, immunizations, laboratory services, men's health care, mental health, referrals, sports medicine, travel consultation, and women's health care/gynecology.

Department of Information Technology

Public computer labs:

  • Anderson Lab - Jubilee Hall, Room 524
  • Nursing Lab - Schwartz Building, Room 205
  • Walsh Library Information Commons- Walsh Library
  • Language Lab- Fahy Hall, Room 202

Workshops and Special Events

Office of the Bursar

Walsh Library

  • Contact: 973-761-9443
  • Hours


  • At each printer, users are required to swipe their SHU ID card to obtain their printout.
  • Printing is $0.05/page in black and white, $0.65/page in color.Full time students are allotted 400 black and white pages per semester.Part time students are allotted 200 black and white pages per semester.
  • Search for articles, books, databases, and journals:
  • Off-Campus Research Guide
  • Services for Graduate Students
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Safe Ride Van Service
The Department of Public Safety provides one way service from campus to destinations with a half-mile radius of campus, available now between the h...
Dining Services
Dining services at the University is provided by Gourmet Dining Services and is located in the Bishop Dougherty University Center.
Display Board
Instructions for requesting messages to be posted on the University Center Display Board outside the Bishop Dougherty University Center.
Emergency Assistance
Health Services offers emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Healthcare Services Provided
All registered and matriculated students (residential and commuters) are entitled to receive care at Health Services. Learn more about general ser...
Online Mental Health Screenings
We offer a number of anonymous online screenings for students to explore various mental health issues.
Parking Permits
Anyone wishing to park their vehicle on the South Orange campus must display a valid parking permit at all times.
Pirate's Gold
Add cash to your (or your child's) Pirate's Gold account.
PirateAlert: Emergency Notification Service
Learn how to register for emergency notifications from Seton Hall, including text messages, e-mail and telephone notices.
SHUFLY Shuttle Service
SHUFLY is the Seton Hall University shuttle service which runs until 2 a.m. Monday through Wednesday and until 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, Satur...
Security Escort Services
Public Safety provides emergency 24 hour Escort Services within the confines of the main campus.
Summer Rental of Residence Hall Space
Seton Hall University offers summer conference services for conference groups or for individual accommodations in summer intern housing.
Ticket Office Services
The University Center Ticket Office is operated by the Department of Community Development for selling and distributing tickets for all approved ev...
Tutors in Residence
A guide to the Tutors in Residence (TIR) service for undergraduate students.
ULife Line
ULife Line is an online resource for those interested in learning more about mental health issues affecting college students
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