Student Support Services Program

About the Program


The mission of the Student Support Services Program is to enhance the higher education experience for disadvantaged students who are both enrolled in baccalaureate programs and active participants in the SSSP.  

Consistent with this goal, the mission of the Seton Hall University Student Support Services Program is to identify and develop human potential through a comprehensive support services network of offerings designed to increase the retention and graduation rates of its participants.

To this end, SSSP assists students to develop their potential for college success, strengthen academic skills acquisition, increase and/or sustain motivation in pursuit of academic and personal success, negotiate college requirements and environment, and successfully complete an undergraduate degree.

Services include: instruction in basic study skills; tutorial services; academic, financial, or personal counseling; assistance in securing admission and financial aid for enrollment in four-year institutions; assistance in securing admission and financial aid for enrollment in graduate and professional programs; guidance on career options.

SSSP offers to eligible participants:

  • Tutoring
  • College success skills
  • Academic, career, financial, and personal counseling
  • Workshops inclusive of test taking, time management, note taking, and public speaking
  • Enrichment activities

Eligibility qualifications must be met to receive SSSP services. These guidelines are as follows:

  •  First generation college
  •  Low income
  •  With a disability

SSSP provides services to 200 qualified students each year.

For more information and to inquire about eligibility, visit the SSSP Office and complete an application, or call SSSP at (973) 761-9230 and speak with a staff member.

Contact Us

Student Support Services Program
(973) 761-9230
Presidents Hall Rm. Rooms 2, 9


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