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Academic Survey and Evaluation Tool (ASSET)

What is ASSET?

ASSET (Academic Survey System and Evaluation Tool) is a web-based survey tool developed by Dr. Bert Wachsmuth, Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Seton Hall University. ASSET is made available to the academic community by Seton Hall University's Teaching, Learning and Technology Center.

ASSET offers a powerful yet intuitive system for the design and administration of online surveys. The system also allows you to summarize your responses online or download the data in either Excel or SPSS format for further analysis.

Use of the ASSET survey tool is available free of charge to all members of the SHU community and to non-SHU users in the academic community (.edu domain) on our server. The ASSET source code is available for download as freeware under an open-source license. To learn more about the requirements for use, click here

How do I access ASSET?

ASSET is entirely web-based. You first need to request an ASSET user's account by sending an email to surveys@shu.edu. Once your account has been created, go to http://asset.tltc.shu.edu and log in with your PirateNet username and password. Group accounts can also be created if desired.

Where do I go for help with ASSET?

Your instructor or research advisor should be your first point of contact if you need help with the design of your survey. For technical help in creating the survey, you can refer to the ASSET user’s manual by visiting the link in the Resources section below. Finally, ASSET classes are offered through the Computer Training Center. You can view a list of upcoming classes by visiting http://tltc.shu.edu/register. To request a class or training, contact Bill Otskey at William.otskey@shu.edu or (973) 275-2161.


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