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What is DyKnow?

DyKnow classroom management software facilitates content delivery and collaboration via DyKnow Vision and administrative tasks such as attendance and blocking non-curricular applications via DyKnow Monitor. Faculty members can either import a prepared PowerPoint file into a DyKnow session, or work from a series of blank panels. Students can annotate the presentation and save a copy for review.

DyKnow Vision

DyKnow Vision supports collaboration via multiple tools, including Polling, Student Status updates, Panel Collection and Share Control.

  • Polling allows students to respond to multiple choice questions, the faculty member can quickly create a pie-chart to share the results.
  • Student Status feature allows students to self-report their current level of understanding via a green / yellow / red analogy. This information is reported to the instructor as a pie chart for quick reference.
  • Panel Collection allows the faculty member to collect student work during class for review.
  • Share Control allows faculty members to temporarily allow one students screen to be shared with the entire class.

DyKnow Monitor

DyKnow Monitor supports administrative tasks such as taking attendance, blocking non-curricular applications, monitoring student screens, and transfer files to students’ computers.

  • Attendance can be recorded at any point during a class session, and either saved to the DyKnow server or printed to a virtual printer for a local record.  Attendance data saved to the DyKnow server can be downloaded as an excel file.
  • Non-curricular applications and URLs can be blocked during a DyKnow session. A white-list of applications can be defined for individual classes so that students will be able to utilize approved applications.
  • Real-time monitoring of student screens is possible for either an individual student or an overview of each student in the class.
  • File Transfer allows the faculty member to quickly distribute a file from their laptop to each student in the DyKnow session.


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