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Information Technology

Hardware Repair

All support is done in-house by a professional staff of 10 full-time A+ certified technicians as well as a trained group of Student Technology Assistants (STA)

Laptop Support is located in the lower level of Corrigan Hall in an area called Technical Support Area. This area provides support for all laptop computers distributed as part of the Mobile Computing Program as well as department purchased laptop computers.

  • Customers seeking laptop support should bring the laptop along with a SHU ID card to the Technical Support Area located in the lower level of Corrigan Hall. Upon entering the Technical Support Area, an administrative assistant will open a repair ticket. Once a repair ticket has been opened, the customer will be directed to work with STA who will provide the first level of troubleshooting. If the STA is not able to resolve the problem on the spot, a full-time technician will be asked to review the problem and to determine if the laptop needs to be taken in for repair. If the laptop is taken in for repair, the customer will be issued a loaner laptop to use while his/her assigned laptop is in for repair. Any needed data will be transferred to the loaner laptop. Once the laptop is repaired, the customer will be contacted to return the loaner and to pick up the repaired laptop. 
  • There are costs associated with some types of repairs for laptop computers issued as part of the Mobile Computing Program. There is no cost for warranty repairs. If the repair is due to accidental damage, the customer is responsible for 50% of the cost of the repair with a cap of $125.00. If the repair is due to intentional damage, the customer is responsible for the full cost of the repair. 
  • If the equipment is department owned, the customer will be responsible for any repairs not covered by warranty. An IDT signed by the department budget manager is due prior to the completion of any non-warranty repair.

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