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Information Technology

Instructional Applications and Tools

The Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) Center provides a number of resources available to faculty to enhance teaching and learning. If there is a tool or a resource that you would like to review further or would like to implement in your courses, please contact the Instructional Designer assigned to your department.  

Blackboard Resources

Blackboard is an online learning management system available to all courses being offered at SHU. Blackboard provides a secure log in system, easy-to-navigate template and tools to create and administer face to face and online courses. Use the link below to explore the tools available in Blackboard as well as tutorials and resources. You can access your Blackboard account from any SHU webpage by clicking on the Blackboard link located on the top right corner of every SHU web page. Blackboard can also be accessed through PirateNet.

Communication and Collaboration

There are many innovative ways to improve communication and collaboration using technology. Each link below provides instructions and examples of how to use some of these innovative communication and collaboration tools.

Multimedia Tools

There are a variety of graphic, audio, and video tools that can be incorporated into your online or face-to-face class. These tools can facilitate your students' understanding of difficult concepts and help to provide a different modality with which to present content. The links below provide a sampling of multimedia tools that can facilitate teaching and learning.


Assessment is a critical component of any learning environment. There are various methods faculty can use to gather information on student learning and determine student progress in understanding material in a course of study. One of the key motivations for assessment is to gain insight into student learning in order to improve the quality of learning and teaching effectiveness. Seton Hall utilizes a number of tools including Blackboard to implement assessments at the course, department, school and institutional level. Listed below are some of the tools utilized by faculty and administrators to initiate and analyze assessments at all of these levels.

Lecture Capture Tools

Lecture capture tools allow you to record lectures as you deliver them in your classroom for later replay, or you can pre-record sessions for online delivery. They are very helpful in allowing students to review content, and can be used to deliver content for online courses and for face-to-face classes when a meeting is not possible due to weather or other scheduling conflict. For more information about recording classroom lectures on campus, contact Media Services at media.services@shu.edu.

For personal capture using Echo360, request an account »

Accessibility Information

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Additional Educational Resources

Additional resources that highlight the use of technology integration for teaching and learning are listed here »

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