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How to Install IE Vulnerability Patch

How to install Microsoft Internet Explorer 'Zero Day 2014'
Vulnerability Patch (KB2964358)

  1. On the keyboard hold down the Windows Flag key (Microsoft Logo ) and hit the letter "R".
  2. In the Run window type in “WUAPP” (without the quotes) and hit enter.
  3. Within the main Windows Update screen there will be a listing outlining a number of "important update(s) is/are available."
    Click on this text entry and then check off every entry within the Important Update window.

    Screenshot of Windows Update

  4. Once all Important Updates have been checked off, click the "Install" or "OK" button at the bottom of the window, depending on the version of the Windows you have.
  5. If the update(s) do not begin to install immediately, click the button for "Install Updates" to begin the patching process.
    At the end of the update process you may get prompted to reboot, if so please reboot computer.
    It would then be recommended to run this process again to ensure that all updates have been applied, if additional Important Updates are offered it would be best to apply them as well.
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