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A podcast is an episodic series of audio or video recordings. Apple’s iTunes or other freely available similar “podcatcher” software can be used to subscribe to a podcast and automatically download new episodes as they become available.

While podcasting may have started with content being downloaded with Apple’s iTunes and played back on an iPod, today’s podcast can be downloaded with any RSS Reader (for additional information, see the RSS guide), and played back on a range of devices including iPods, laptop computers, media players and even most cell phones!

Educational uses of Podcasting:

Podcasts are being used in higher education to support a number of specific outcomes:

  • Recording Lecture
    • Students have the ability to replay complex course material
    • Students who missed one class are able to hear the content from the   class session.
  • Pre‐Class discussion
    • Instructors can record and distribute short (under 5 minutes) audio presentations to prime students prior to a class discussion, very similar to distributing ‘thinking points’ to guide student reading.
  • Foreign Language
    • Vocabulary
    • Pronunciation
  • Current Events
    • Incorporating podcasts made by commercial news outlets to provide current events content to be discussed in Blackboard discussion boards or in‐class debates.

How can I produce my own Podcasts?

Podcasts are an episodic recordings (either audio or video) that have a subscription option so that users can automatically download new content as it becomes available. Seton Hall University laptops have built-in microphones and web-cameras that can be used to create the recordings, that can then be stored on the Seton Hall University iTunesU server. Please contact your Instructional Designer Liaison for additional information.

Where can I find existing Podcasts?

A large number of podcasts are currently available from a variety of sources. For additional information, please contact your Instructional Designer Liaison.

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