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Project Request Process

The Seton Hall University Department of Information Technology (DoIT) has implemented a Project Request Process that facilitates initiation of new technology initiatives and projects that enhance the administration of the University. All technology projects requiring UITS resources must go through this Project Request Process to be approved by the CIO and IT Services Executive Management. If you would like to propose/request a project that involves technology, please proceed as outlined below:

  1. Fill out and submit the Project Request Form (from the Service Catalog – “Request Project” option).
  2. The project request will enter the project request queue and be reviewed by CSG (Client Solutions Group)/Project Management Office.
  3. Approved project requests will be prioritized, assigned a project manager and assigned to the correct project portfolio within the ServiceNOW IT Service Management Suite.
  4. The assigned Project Manager will schedule a Project Initiation/Data Elicitation meeting with the Requester/Project Sponsor and other relevant resources to address outstanding questions and obtain information required to draft the project charter.
  5. The Project Manager will meet with the core project team members to produce a project plan and determine an achievable target project completion date.
  6. The Project Manager will complete the project charter (which includes a high-level plan with a timeline) and schedule a QAA (Quality Assurance Assessment) Meeting with the Requester/Project Sponsor and other stakeholders for approval/sign-off on the project charter to allow work to commence on the project (the official Project Kick-off).

Completing the Project Request Form

The requester/Project Sponsor is required to complete the following items on the Project Request Form:

  • Project Request Date: Date the project request form was completed with all the required information and submitted.
  • Project Requester: The project sponsor or an authorized person acting on behalf of the Project Sponsor to request a project.
  • Project Sponsor: The executive decision maker and champion of the project responsible for project definition, strategy and funding.
  • Business Case/Problem Statement: Describe the business reason(s) for requesting the project. What is the problem this project is intended to solve, the opportunity the project endeavors to take advantage of, or the benefits to be realized from completing this project?
  • Short Description (Project Name): The project name (select a name that will briefly and uniquely identify the project).
  • Project Description/Scope: Describe the scope of the project (specify the items included in the project and items/areas excluded from the project). Summarize and provide any historical and/or background information that would help the reader understand the necessity and intent of the project. State the suggested or proposed solution (if applicable) as well as alternatives that have been considered. What approach will the project use to address the business problem? Does the approach include the purchase of hardware, software, consulting services, etc.? Does the solution require a process change, training, code modifications, etc.
  • Time Constraint: Is there a requirement that governs the project's start and/or completion time? Valid responses are "Must Start On [Specific Date]" (in this instance, please enter the exact date the project must start), "Must End By [Specific Date]" (in this instance, please enter the exact date the project must end), "Start ASAP" (in this instance the actual start date will be determined by the project team once the project request has been approved), and "No Time Constraint".
  • Project Target Completion Date: The requested/desired target completion date for this project request, or a logical target completion date that provides the maximum benefit for the requesting department. If the target completion date is firm (project must complete by a specific date) please indicate that as a critical success factor of the project in addition to entering that date here.
  • Critical Success Factors: Itemize the quantifiable factors or characteristics that indicate the project has been completed successfully. Critical Success Factors should be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). Essentially this is a project completion checklist or project acceptance criteria to ensure the needs of the requester/project sponsor have been satisfied.
  • Watch List: Identify other people that should receive notification/updates regarding the progress of this request.

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If there are questions regarding the Project Request Process please contact:
Jepthaw Scipio
Project Portfolio Manager
Corrigan Hall Floor 2 Room 61B
(973) 275-2026

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