Single Sign-on

Download the plug-in for Firefox


1.  Begin the plug-in install.

The first screen after you've logged in notifies you to download the Firefox plug-in in order to take advantage of single sign-on functionality.  Follow the prompts in the message to click and install.

Firefox Step 1

2.  Run the file for the Plug-in.

Firefox requires your permission to install the plug-in on your computer. Click the "Allow" button to start the install process on your computer.

Firefox Step 2

3. Confirm the Plug-in install.

A security screen confirms your decision to install the plug-in: click on the "Install" button to proceed.

Firefox Step 3

4. Restart the browser.

Once the plug-in has been installed, Firefox will ask you to restart the browser.  Click "Restart Now."

Firefox Step 4

5.  Access your applications.

You should see the applications you have to. Click on the application you wish to use.

Firefox Step 53.

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