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My Applications Overview 

Your My Applications page is your entry point to all your Seton Hall applications, like PirateNet, Blackboard and email.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where do I change my password for an application?
    You will change your password for Seton Hall applications as you have in the past.  For more information, please click here »
  • Can I re-order my apps on the My Applications page?
    Yes, click on the Edit button, drag and drop the apps to the order you want, then click "Done" to exit edit mode.
  • Can I still log into the Seton Hall applications if I'm using a computer that doesn't allow me to install the plug-in?
    Yes. Just click on the application you wish to use and you will be prompted to log in again.

Set your application to open automatically when you log in

  • Click the Edit Button
  • Under the application that you'd like to automatically open, click on the rocket icon. Note: You can always hover over the icons for a description
  • Click on the Exit button That's it! Next time you sign in, the apps you've selected will automatically open.

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