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Web development with the TLT Center can take many forms.  From large scale, data-driven online projects to individual sites and blogs, we're here to help meet your academic needs. You can code and build your own site and we can help you with setting up the server accounts and hosting space, you can partner with us on a structured academic project with goals and timelines or we can give you access to a platform where you can build, manage and maintain your own blog or site with ease.

The Department of Information Technology offers several solutions for creating and hosting websites which can be utilized by staff, faculty, students and organizations.  Utilizing a number of on-campus hosting options, community members are given the space, resources and training to build their own sites from scratch or employ a university hosted platform which generates sites for you and helps you manage your content. Whatever you choose, the Digital Media team is here to support your needs.  

The Digital Media team has also partnered with individuals and organizations to create dozens of small and large project driven websites. We begin the project process by working with constituents to identify their challenges and work with them to design a custom solution to meet their needs. Once an agreed upon design and timeline is in place, the Digital Media team works at all aspects of development from the actual build to user-testing to ultimate project launch. Our goal is to create purposeful web materials that meet your needs.

Examples of our work:

Code Blue
Public Safety
Code Blue is an online platform for engaging the community and teaching topics regarding Emergency Preparedness and Response. The site features interactive games and learning modules, links to information about various Public Safety programs and initiatives, as well as news, weather and traffic feeds.

Institute of Museum Ethics Portal
Department of Art and Music: Museum Professions
The Institute of Museum Ethics portal was designed as part of an IMLS grant to become the official home of the Institute.  The site serves as a gateway to gather news about the world of Museum Ethics.  The portal features a feed based on the latest museum ethics news from around the world, text and video content from all of the Institutes conferences and presentations, in addition to several other resources.

Library Instruction Scheduler
University Libraries
At the request of the University Libraries, the Digital Media team created an online resource that allows faculty to request an instructional session that is tailored to the individual needs of their class and is matched by the librarian best equipped to meet their needs.  Faculty simply fill out a form that allows them to explain their need in detail and the librarians handle the rest.

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