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Wireless Network

Seton Hall University's upgraded wireless network provides both increased throughput and "enterprise grade" security and encryption as well as up to three times the speed of the wired network, and six times the speed of the old wireless network when accessing on-campus resources.  Device configuration is possible without IT/Service Desk support and logging into the network simply requires your PirateNet ID and Password.

Computer Types
SHU-owned laptops are automatically configured to access the campus network.  Tablets, phones and individually owned computers can be configured to access the campus network using the links below.

Gaming Devices
Xbox, Playstation, and most video streaming services will need to join the gaming wireless network available in the residence halls.  See your RA or residence hall front desk for the access information and password or call the IT Service Desk.
Please note: Nintendo does not work with our current infrastructure. 

Operating Systems
Windows XP and Vista operating systems, while they may work, will not be supported on this network.

For any issues with connecting to the network, please contact the Service Desk at (973) 275-2222 or servicedesk@shu.edu

Unauthorized Devices on the network
Unauthorized network devices installed by users without the assistance of University IT Services can interfere with the campus network.  Installation of these devices, such as hubs or wireless access points by LinkSys, NetGear, 3Comm, and the like, may be considered a violation of the University's policy on the appropriate use of computer facilities.

  • If University IT Services detects an unauthorized network wireless access point, their policy is to work with the appropriate University officials to remove the device from the network.
  • If you have installed your own network hub, router, or wireless access point without the assistance of University IT Services, we ask that you remove it immediately.
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