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Dominic and Nancy Bertoldi of Roseland, N.J., are the parents of Leo, Anthony and Adrianna, fraternal triplets attending Seton Hall University.

Bertoldi TripletsWhy did you choose Seton Hall University?
We chose Seton Hall because it has a very good reputation for higher education. Also, the University has the majors that each one of the triplets desire for their careers. Seton Hall is close to home and we also like that it is a Catholic University.  

What are your impressions of the University to date?
The campus is beautiful and well maintained, staff is friendly and helpful, and the class sizes are small. We feel very positive about it.

What was it like to have three children leave for college all at the same time?
To have all three leave at once was very overwhelming and it left a large void in our family. It comes with both happiness and sadness. Happiness to see them grow and move on in life and sadness that they are not babies anymore.

How are you adjusting and are there any other siblings in the home?
We are adjusting fine and thankfully we still have Marissa, a West Essex High School Senior still at home; however she is planning her future education and will be leaving for college soon.

What advice did you provide the triplets before they left for college?
The advice we gave them was to be a leader, not a follower, and to dedicate yourself to furthering your education. Also, to have fun, but stay focused. We told them to always look out for each other.  

How do you stay in touch with the triplets and how will you stay involved with the University over the course of the next four years?
We talk to them on the phone daily and we also talk to them through the internet. Also, on occasion the triplets will come home. We will stay involved with the University over the next four years by attending University events and participating in children's activities.

Excerpt from "Multiple Personalities: Twins, Triplets Attend SHU Together"

Freshman Leo Bertoldi was born on Sept. 3, 1994. His sister Adrianna and brother Anthony came along just minutes later. Leo and Anthony live together in Boland Hall. Adrianna lives one floor below them. The triplets said they do not look very much alike, and that often people think that the boys’ friends are one of the triplets. Nursing major Adrianna decided on Seton Hall first. “I fell in love, I felt like I was at home,” she said.

They are all fans of different sports teams, but they all said they still enjoy having a sibling around to talk to and ask for help. Anthony said that the triplets were taken to a triplet convention in Pennsylvania when they were about 2 years old, and that their family still spends time with a family that has triplets that they met at the convention.

Adrianna recalled that a teacher in their high school made them test their “twin telepathy,” and that it actually worked.

Read The Setonian article, “Multiple Personalities: Twins, Triplets Attend SHU Together.

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