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Daly Family“My oldest son (Joseph Daly ’09) and I looked at so many colleges, but as soon as we entered the Seton Hall campus he knew this was the school for him. So when it was time for my daughter Kathleen to choose, she knew SHU was for her as well. Joseph, a business school graduate, had an internship in his senior year and is still with the company today. Katie is majoring in education and she loves it. Both programs offer so much for students. Small class sizes and great faculty is a big plus. They also both love the radio station WSOU; Katie DJs her own show once a week. Joseph has reached his goal and I know Katie will as well. They both made a great choice in choosing Seton Hall. GO PIRATES!”

Joanne O'Connor
Son: Joseph Daly '09 - Finance Major
Daughter: Kathleen Daly - Education Major

Delaney Family“Our son Anthony is in his 2nd year at Seton Hall University. When he was a high school senior he applied to five colleges; all five accepted him, and all offered some sort of a scholarship. One was actually a better offer than what Seton Hall had offered, but that didn't matter! Anthony knew from the minute he set foot on the campus and met some fellow 'recruits' and returning students, that this was where he was going to go. We are so happy that he chose to go to SHU. The student body and the faculty have been amazing! Having him 20 minutes from home works for my wife, Jayne, too. We are so proud of Anthony, and wish him, and the rest of the School, continued success. GO PIRATES!”

Anthony C. and Jayne E. Delaney
Son: Anthony C. Delaney Jr. (Delaney to his friends) - Education and Music Major and History Minor

Mary Laverty “Seton Hall has always been and will continue to be an important part of my family’s life. Both my husband, William (Class of 1974) and my son, Brendan (Class of 2008) are alumni, my daughter, Bridget, is a senior and my son Connor is a sophomore. The students and faculty create a welcoming, family-like feeling that is hard to find on any other college campus. As a parent, it’s especially comforting to know that my children are receiving an excellent values-based education. Seton Hall is big enough in that there are activities for everyone, yet small enough so that students aren’t mere numbers. My children especially loved the intramural sports, library resources, and small class sizes. Seton Hall really is the ideal ‘home away from home.’”

Mary Laverty
Daughter: Bridget Laverty - Education Major
Son: Connor Laverty - Communications Major

Sessoms Family Photo"Our son has loved Seton Hall since the moment he first stepped on campus. Seton Hall has offered Darryl not only a challenging, enlightening academic experience, but also opportunity to achieve his goals. We are so proud of Darryl and wish him continued success."

Darryl and Karen Sessoms
Son: Darryl Sessoms Jr.- Business Major

Donna Phillippy"We are so delighted that our daughter, Francesca, chose Seton Hall University. The first time we visited as a family, it was clear that this would be her first choice. The staff and faculty we’ve met have greeted us each and every time with warm and genuine helpfulness. We look forward to a happy and educational journey at Seton Hall. Go Pirates!"

Donna and Paul Phillippy
Daughter: Francesca Phillippy - English & Creative Writing Major
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